Improvement of Shell's energy supply in Godorf refinery
STEAG starts new IPP-project with Deutsche Shell

    Essen, Germany (ots) - Deutsche Shell GmbH, Hamburg and STEAG AG, Essen have agreed to a co-operation to optimize the supply of energy for the Shell refinery Cologne-Godorf (annual crude distilling capacity of 9 Mio t). Therefore, they founded a joint venture (REG Raffinerie-Energie Gesellschaft mbH) in which STEAG holds a share of 80 % and Shell of 20 %.

    REG is taking over the existing power plant investing 70 Mio Euro into flue gas cleanup facilities for the oil fired boilers and efficiency improvements. REG plans to provide the refinery with a more efficient supply of power and steam out of the modernized utilities complex. The planning of the modifications has already started. The new parts of the complex are expected to tart up by mid 2003, subject to the usual permit procedures.

    As a consequence of the project executed by REG, the Cologne-Godorf refinery complex will achieve a further optimization of the energy supply in co-generation. "This project will improve the environmental situation around the refinery further, in particular by reducing NOx-, SO2- and particulates -emissions", said Willem Schoeber, Shell Godorf refinery manager. It prepares the site for future developments and strengthens its strategic position.

    With this project STEAG, as IPP (Independent Power Producer), takes another important step in the supply of energy for refineries. After the new construction of a refinery power plant in LEUNA, STEAG in co-operation with Shell now uses and broadens its expertise in an existing refinery to improve the economy and environmental situation in Godorf.

    Marc Grünewald, STEAG-IPP managing director, states: "In principle, it is our intention to develop a long-term co-operation in this area with Shell, also on an international basis. We would welcome similar projects in the area of energy supply of refineries and chemical plants, and we consider this project an excellent start with Shell."

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Contact Shell:
Katja Konrad
Public Relations
Direktion Services
Deutsche Shell AG
Raffinerie Köln Godorf
Postfach 50 12 64
D-50972 Köln
Phone +49 2236 75 87 57
Fax +49 2236 75 82 03

Contact STEAG:
Dr. Peter Rzeznitzeck
Pressesprecher/Head Media Relations
Ruettenscheider Strasse 1-3
D-45128 Essen
Phone +49 201 801 2427
Fax +49 201 801 1195

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