MEDISTICK® - carry your family physician in your pocket

    Mittelhäusern (ots) - MEDISTICK GmbH, a young Swiss company, has developed what they believe is the world's first personal multilingual medical record device. The innovative technical software solution on an UBS memory stick format helps to provide swift accurate medical diagnoses and treatments to everybody independent of their whereabouts or language skills. The encrypted software© program loaded on the memory stick makes critical personal core medical information easily and instantly available and will especially provide emergency medical teams with critical core information about their unknown patients.

    John Miley (48) and Alessandra Witsch (36) are the creators and founders of the MEDISTICK® idea. They believe that this tool will help to alleviate the burden of increasing costs in medical services by greatly reducing unnecessary repeat tests before treatment can be applied. Alessandra Witsch says: The MEDISTICK® will provide patients with a tool to pro-actively facilitate their given medical care by allowing doctors to access critical core information about them, which enables much speedier diagnosis and accurate treatment. John Miley adds: This tool reduces the stress and guess work of doctors and facilitates a more efficient service for the patients.

    MEDISTICK® is a registered Trade Mark and copyrighted.

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