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Exclusive interview with Tanja Lachhammer, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Trustinarts

Exclusive interview with Tanja Lachhammer, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Trustinarts
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Exclusive interview with Tanja Lachhammer, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Trustinarts

Tanja Lachhammer, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Trustinarts, was one of our lucky winners for the Diversity Award on the SwissFinTechLadies Art and Start-up Night and Donors Gala.

She squeezed in some time in her busy schedule and answered our questions in our exclusive interview with her.

1. What is your favorite project?

My most important project is the market launch of our Trustinarts services in 2024. Our app will help to prevent fraud by securing (registering) physical art assets with a unique, non-forgeable digital fingerprint and state-of-the art web3 technologies. Art-sellers will profit from significantly improved conversion rates, art-buyers from more transparent and trustworthy deals, and the art eco-system (e.g., financial institutions) from new business opportunities and cost-cutting. As my role is chief business officer, I'm in charge of defining and executing our go-to-market strategy for the launch and beyond.

2. How did you get to where you are now? What is your position?

I'm the co-founder and chief business officer of Trustinarts. Prior to joining and founding our Trustinarts adventure, I worked as a business consultant in technology-focused industries and in several senior management positions in marketing and sales. I'm also holding a doctoral degree in economics, and I'm still giving regular lessons at a university in Munich, next to my job at our startup, Trustinarts.

3. Where do you want to be in 2 years with your commitment? What do you want to achieve next?

In two years, I'll be leading a talented and successful sales and business development team at Trustinarts, and I will enjoy the fun environment and meaningful working culture that will be built. If our plans work out—and I'm confident they will—we already expect our break even after 3–4 years from now.

4. What attributes do you believe women need to possess to succeed in this finch, web4 finance industry?

First of all, women should focus on recognising their own strengths and talents. This will nurture their self-confidence and help them find the right position or role within a successful team. So self-awareness is the starting point for a successful career journey. And a fail-forward mentality should be the second important attitude women need to possess on their career path. Don’t be shy about failing. Active learning will enable women to grow and thrive even faster. This leads me directly to the third attribute, and that is resilience. Women should be able to demonstrate resilience at any time, if needed. Self-confidence and failing forward will help to foster resilience. It sounds as simple as is :).

5. What traits should men possess to make collaboration between men and women a practice that makes the environment grow and encourages synchronicity?

In any forward-facing and progressive work environment, everybody should be aware of the key aspects of gender diversity. I’m convinced that all people will limit their own career opportunities if they are not familiar with the requirements for gender equality at work. But having said that, I personally care much more about diversity of talents, personalities, experiences, or competences. For example, I would always prefer a policy of equal pay and equal promotion for an “introverted, quiet achiever” to a purely gender-based policy.

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