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World's first list of craziest and most expensive NFTs published

World's first list of craziest and most expensive NFTs published
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Zurich (ots)

NFT mania: A digital toilet paper for 4100 dollars

The journalist-run online portal "Token InfoPort" has compiled the world's first list of the craziest and most expensive NFTs. Such "Non Fungible Tokens" are currently in vogue - and generate millions in sales.

Ever heard of digital toilet paper? Cost: $4100. But it's not even real, it's just a photo that has been sold as an NFT. NFTs are non-exchangeable digital rights. Anyone who buys an NFT, for example a photo, receives the sole right to it - secured on the blockchain.

Digital hemp, inedible sandwiches and NFT farts

Some buyers pay millions for the digital collectibles: This is shown by an NFT list of the online portal "Token InfoPort". The portal has compiled the world's first such list: 22 of the craziest and most expensive NFTs at a glance. The list is bizarre: In addition to digital cannabis plants, there are audio files of farts for sale ($80 each). Among the craziest NFTs is the right arm of a tennis player: she auctioned it for 5000 dollars. The NFT photo of an inedible sandwich at a festival in the Bahamas cost an incredible $80,000.

Banksy art torched - and sold for 380 000 dollars

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski bought a painting showing herself in a sexy bikini from an artist for 81,000 dollars - and auctioned it off at Christie's as an NFT for 175,000 dollars. A group of young crypto enthusiasts bought in a New York gallery for 95 000 dollars the original print "Morons" of the famous street artist Banksy. On it, they set fire to the artwork. And sold an NFT of it for 380 000 dollars.

Link to the full NFT listing:


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