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Fengdu County begins a new chapter in sustainable development

Fengdu County begins a new chapter in sustainable development
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Fengdu County, China (ots)

Fengdu County in Chongqing makes ecological and green development a priority, fully utilizes its local ecological resources, and strives to build a sustainable and cultural development mode.

Towards the end of 2020, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released a list of 15 newly recognized National Tourist Resorts nationwide in 2020, the Nantian Lake tourist resort in Fengdu County was one of the fifteen new resorts that joined the list. Nantian Lake, with an area of 5 square kilometers, is the largest natural lake in Chongqing. Nantian Lake scenic area, with Nantian Lake as its core resource, has the highest elevation, the largest area of primary forest and the best-preserved alpine wetland in Chongqing, with forest coverage of 90%.

In recent years, with support from the Hengdu Group and other leading enterprises, Fengdu County continues to aid farmers in boosting their income. It has created a beef industry chain integrating forage planting, feed processing, cattle breeding, ecological breeding, intensive processing, marketing, and scientific and technological research and development. Extensively linking and integrating multiple primary, secondary and tertiary industries associated with cattle.

Fengdu County has always persisted in using green development strategies, making full use of its advantages in domestic resources, its clean energy industry has developed rapidly. By the end of 2020, the total installed capacity of wind power, photovoltaic, small hydropower and biomass energy in the county reached 408 MW, and it is expected to achieve 100% clean energy supply in the county by the end of 2021. With the photovoltaic industry as its basis, Fengdu County comprehensively develops modern and efficient agriculture. It promotes "photovoltaic and planting", which presents diversified agricultural business forms.

Upholding the concept of ecological priority and green development, Fengdu County strives to ensure completed clean energy projects continue to operate safely and efficiently in accordance with the central carbon peak and carbon neutralization plan. At the same time, Fengdu also plans to implement a new round of clean energy projects and will strive to construct a 10 billion-grade (kilowatt-hours of electricity) clean energy demonstration base in Chongqing by 2035.


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