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02.09.2020 – 11:30

Wetrok AG

New method conquers the world of professional cleaning
Industrial cleaning with granules

New method conquers the world of professional cleaning / Industrial cleaning with granules
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The Swiss cleaning product manufacturer Wetrok has achieved a breakthrough in ecological research: Cleaning with granulate instead of liquid cleaning agents. In summer 2020, Wetrok completed the line introduced in 2017, making it the first provider worldwide to offer a full range of granulate cleaners. How does the method work, and what makes it so climate-friendly?

In the world of professional cleaning, one principle was considered irrefutable in the past: Liquid cleaning agents are necessary for cleaning. Nevertheless, there were three problems that posed serious challenges: Liquid cleaning products are often over-concentrated, their use requires staff to haul around heavy canisters and they result in high transport costs and CO2 emissions due to their large volume. The cleaning product manufacturer Wetrok has now successfully solved all of these problems with a single product in an entirely novel form: Cleaning products consisting of granules.

Granules dissolve in water

There are many untrained employees in the cleaning industry. To prevent errors during use, a cleaning product has to be simple above all else. This is true of the granulate developed by Wetrok (brand name: Wetrok Granuline): Cleaning personnel merely have to mix the self-dissolving granulate with water and the cleaning solution is ready to use. Over-concentration is impossible since the granulate is packaged into pre-dosed individual sachets. The concept: one sachet per cleaning process. Five types of granulate are available for use in the entire building.

One truckload instead of six truckloads

Liquid cleaning products are 80 percent water. As a result, massive quantities are transported worldwide each day - an unnecessary process that is harmful to the environment. When using granulate, transport is pared down to the absolutely essential: the granulate itself. By replacing liquid cleaning canisters with granulate sachets, transport trips and associated CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 80 percent. Wetrok's CEO Thomas Kyburz uses an example to illustrate these savings: "One truckload of granulate replaces six truckloads of liquid chemical canisters."

No liquid, no danger for employees

Granulate also has a positive influence on the working environment for cleaning staff: The granulate can't leak or produce fumes and the perforated sachets prevent the eyes and skin from coming into contact with the chemical product. What's more, cleaning staff no longer have to hoist 10-liter canisters onto storage shelves or haul them around the building.

Patented method

The granulate also delivers impressive cleaning performance. To put it simply, the product contains a special active ingredient with a kind of magnetic attraction that dissolves and absorbs particles of dirt. For this technological leap, the Wetrok granulate received an innovative award (Purus Innovation Award) and is patent-protected.

About Wetrok: Wetrok AG develops and markets solutions for professional facility cleaning. The company supplies over 100,000 customers in more than 40 countries with cleaning products, cleaning machines, consumables and practical training. The products are developed in the company's research department at their Swiss headquarters.

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