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The Medical Cloud Company

The Belgian Start-up the Medical Cloud Company (MedC2), Supported by 860,000 Euros From the European Commission to Develop Tools Supporting Decision Making for Citizens and Doctors in the COVID-19 Crisis

Liège, Belgium (ots/PRNewswire)

MedC2, a startup focusing on digital health, has received this week the approval from the European Commission for a 860,000 euros subsidy as part of the launch of the international project DRAGON ( link ( ) led by another Belgian SME, OncoRadiomics.

MedC2's mission is to help patients to participate in decision making about their health such as treatment and lifestyle choices. To do so, the company develops patient empowerment apps, decision support systems for doctors and provides individualised information through the use of AI-based predictive models.

The digital health startup, primarily focused on oncology, is using its skills and methodologies to develop three applications aimed at empowering citizens with or without COVID-19 symptoms, supporting doctors responsible for the triage of patients, and facilitating efficient participants inclusion for clinical trials linked to the virus. The objective is to foster participative medicine by empowering and accompanying patients throughout the care pathway from prevention to post-treatment follow-up.

"We are proud to participate in the global effort against this pandemic. This project is highly focused on citizens to make them benefit from a personalised care through the use of state-of-the-art Decision Support Systems. Our citizen app, MyCareAvatar, will enable users to know what their risk for COVID-19 is and what they should do about it. The app will then further monitor their health with the guidance of a Medical Chatbot Assistant. Through MyPatientCheck, the hospital staff will then be supported to choose the right treatment," said Brice Van Eeckhout.

"We are already developing a first version of MyPatientCheck to support doctors in the triage of patients suspected with COVID-19. Amongst others, the app integrates validated predictive models which aim to identify patients that are more likely to require respiratory assistance. Future versions of the tool, whose interoperability will be key, will further make use of laboratory results and medical imaging data," added Guillaume Gustin.

These apps are at the core of the DRAGON project, aimed at applying AI and machine learning to deliver a decision support system for improved and more rapid diagnosis, treatment choice and trial participation of COVID-19 patients.

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