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Globegarden welcomes agreement on early childhood care
Active participation of globegarden at the daycare-center-dialogue ("Kita-Dialog")

Zürich (ots)

As the largest quality provider of childcare in the city of Zurich, globegarden is pleased with the agreement reached between the social department and the day care center dialogue regarding financing and social partnership. These are aimed at achieving an improvement for employees, the children in their care and their parents for the entire industry. "We have been very actively involved in the Kita-Dialog since the beginning because the constructive and solution-oriented dialog with the city and the industry representatives is extremely important to us. We have been consistently investing in the quality of care and work for years. We therefore support all measures that serve to further improve the framework conditions for the industry. The enormous progress that has been made in recent years through market opening and simultaneous professionalization must be maintained and further expanded," says Christina Mair, co-managing director of globegarden.

For an efficient subsidy model

Globegarden already offers its employees very progressive employment conditions, grants the pedagogical teams free training and further education and consciously invests in the compatibility of family and work. "We are firmly convinced that good employment conditions are extremely important for a high quality of care," says Mair. "It is very important to us that we as an industry tackle the challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers, cost developments and increasing regulation density together. We are committed to providing early childhood care that is geared to the needs of children and parents, is professionally designed and has uniform rules and goals for all market participants. As has been the goal for years for compulsory schooling, we particularly advocate harmonization of supervision and regulation in the pre-school area and a uniform, efficient subsidy model that meets the needs of the beneficiaries."

A quality-oriented and innovative pioneering role

With 30 centers, the largest daycare provider in the city of Zurich has voluntarily subjected itself to external quality audits since it was founded and is regularly certified. This year, it was also recognized as one of the ten best employers in Switzerland and one of the fifty best in Europe, based on external employee surveys. In addition, the self-developed "early years curriculum" was launched in August, underscoring globegarden's claim to play a consistently quality-oriented and innovative pioneering role in the daycare market. At the same time, globegarden founded its own early years training academy in order to continuously develop the pedagogical know-how of the employees even after the training, so that modern, scientifically sound care and early education can be ensured in the day-care centers.

About globegarden:

globegarden has been committed to the compatibility of work and family since 2008 and operates childcare centers at various locations in German-speaking Switzerland; it works with municipalities, cantons and companies to establish sustainable and family-oriented solutions. globegarden operates over 60 facilities, employs over 900 people, trains over 150 apprentices and offers childcare for over 3,000 families.

About the daycare-center-dialogue (Kita-Dialog):

The Department of Social Affairs and the daycare providers involved have launched the Daycare Dialog City of Zurich to strengthen the exchange between the daycare centers in the city of Zurich and the Department of Social Affairs. The concept of the day-care center dialogue was developed on the basis of detailed discussions within a working group and players in the industry and with the social department. The concept is intended to offer a lean structure that enables both confidential discussions in small groups and the inclusion of all operators and providers.


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