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24.12.2021 – 12:00

TVBS Media Inc.

Create your own LEGO® world at Taiwan's most fantastic Christmas light corridors!/Unique orange corridor for the first time in response to UN campaign

Create your own LEGO® world at Taiwan's most fantastic Christmas light corridors!/Unique orange corridor for the first time in response to UN campaign
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New Taipei City ,Taiwan (ots)

Christmasland in New Taipei City, which was once listed as one of the "50 Great Christmas Markets Around the World" along with those of New York, Berlin, and Rome, works with LEGO, the world-renowned Danish toy brand, for the first time this year to design exclusive 3D LEGO Group laser projection mapping shows. The projection area has increased by 740 square meters, making the total projection area reach the record-breaking 5,841 square meters. The laser projection mapping team used 33 laser projectors with 30,000-lumen high-end to project laser beams onto the northern wall of the New Taipei City Government Building, creating clear and vivid images at night. Meanwhile, the New Taipei City Government has turned New Taipei City Square, Banqiao Station Square, Wanping Metropolitan Park, and Banqiao Station of MRT Circular Line into the world's only life size LEGO builds display areas. The seven splendid light corridors and the four other illumination corridors around are interwoven into the unique Christmasland "banquet of light". Visitors from all over the world have come to Christmasland since its launched on December 3, 2021.

Visitors definitely shouldn't miss the seven beautiful light corridors as one of them is the footbridge in response to UN campaign for gender equality "Orange The World," which is in the shape of the Gothic pointed arch, 160,000 LED flower balls are used to create dazzling orange and champagne-colored sea of flowers at the footbridge for visitors to enjoy themselves under romantic atmosphere. Commissioner Chiang Chih-Wei of Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government said that in response to the UN's launch of the "Orange The World: End Violence Against Women" campaign, many landmarks around the world have been covered in orange color. New Taipei City Government, which has advocated for gender equality and respect towards diversity for many years and created the unique orange light corridor in Christmasland. It conveyed the message of "Stop gender-based violence immediately, tolerate similarities and differences, make love equal to everyone, and achieve gender equality, diversity, and common good in New Taipei City so that we can all work together to create a happy world." to visitors. Remind everyone of the importance of gender equality and oppose gender-based violence. This creative plan has been recognized and well-received by many people around the world, leading to plenty of discussions on Christmasland as it being the most popular winter tourist attraction in Taiwan.

Christmasland in New Taipei City allows people to enjoy an international Christmas event without having to go abroad. The must-visit splendid light corridors are mainly based on the golden, pink, and silver-white color shades as the dazzling array of lights enhance the Christmas vibes. For example,the 100,000 cherry blossom pink leaves adopted for the footbridge make it look like a cherry blossom avenue during the day, while pink lights light up the entire footbridge at night.

For more information about "2021 Christmasland in New Taipei City", please visit the New Taipei City Travel website, the official website of the event or the New Taipei Tourist Fan Group.


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