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16.08.2019 – 12:44

VISYT Digital AG

A new App to support restaurants and their guests
New App visualizes the menu

A new App to support restaurants and their guests / 

New App visualizes the menu
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Lucerne (ots)

A newly developed App for the visualization of menus supports the gastronome in the communication of its menus and sets new standards for customer friendliness in gastronomy! With the "VISYT App" the appetite comes before eating. The smartphone scans the QR code from the menu and visually displays the menu with all relevant information. The patents for this type of QR code recording have already been applied for in Europe and the USA.

"VISYT App" makes menus visible

The hungry guest is served a new smartphone application with "VISYT App". With this application, restaurant visitors are made aware of what they will get before they order.

Guests can scan a QR code with their smartphone with the "VISYT App" to access the restaurant's menu and view photos of each dish. They also find information on ingredients and calories. Various filters can be set during the search like "vegan", "vegetarian" and "non-vegi" as well as the "gluten-free" filter.

Gastronomes also benefit

Restaurant operators receive an individual QR code for their restaurant. Using this code, they provide the corresponding photos and information on each dish in the very easy-to-use back office of the "VISYT App" and make it their guest available. The restaurateurs can also use these QR codes to all their communication media - there are many possible applications. The solution via an automated QR code is the special feature of the new app. Corresponding patents for the technological innovation have already been registered in Europe and the USA.

VISYT is for international use

The app was developed for all multinational languages and can translate menu information accordingly. After months of development, "VISYT App" has been available free of charge at the App Store and at Google Play since the beginning of the year. The website is available at

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