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Press release: Portugal’s Mobi.E charging network opts to include Juice chargers

Press release: Portugal’s Mobi.E charging network opts to include Juice chargers
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Portugal’s Mobi.E charging network opts to include Juice chargers

Juice joins an exemplary role model by supplying its wallbox chargers to the Mobi.E charging network

Juice Technology AG, producer of electric charging stations and software and the market leader in portable charging stations for electric vehicles, has successfully bid to have its stationary charging devices become part of the Mobi.E electric mobility network. The network’s robust expansion of charging infrastructure in Portugal is helping to turn that nation’s Energy and Climate Plan 2030 into reality.

Only one charging card needed at any charging station operator: what’s still a pipe dream in most European countries is already coming true in Portugal. There, numerous providers have opted to merge under one umbrella company – Mobi.E, S.A. The biggest advantage to users is that their power provider’s charging card or app can be used network-wide with no restrictions on service quality. To make this happen, however, you need charging stations that can be seamlessly integrated into the network.

Universal solutions focused on user needs for hindrance-free charging

The electric mobility networks of many countries are highly segmented. Most commonly, every charging station operator has its own private network with proprietary solutions. This is why there’s no incentive for the producers of charging stations to develop devices that can be readily integrated into any system. Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology AG, explains: “Island solutions do nothing to advance electric mobility. It really is an imposition when charging network operators force users to carry five or ten different charging cards around with them just to purchase electricity for their e-cars. Rather, what’s really wanted are universal offerings oriented to what users need. In Portugal, Mobi.E is successfully turning this vision into reality. We’re delighted to take part in this lighthouse project.”

Erni underscores the pioneering role of his technology company: “User friendliness was the driving force behind the founding of Juice, and is an integral component of all our solutions. With charging stations that, in 2019, were the first to allow payment by credit card or Apple Pay and Google Pay and which can be activated simply by RFID reader or Plug and Charge protocol, we’ve been well ahead of the curve in these developments. After all, electric charging needs to be easy and function reliably – and that’s exactly what Mobi.E promises, and why our chargers fit perfectly into their concept.”

In proofing, the JUICE CHARGER me unit from Juice Technology successfully passed a series of compatibility and integration tests, and thereby qualified for the Mobi.E network.

An exemplary role model for other European countries

Portugal’s Energy and Climate Plan 2030 calls for the mobility and transport sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent. The Mobi.E concept will help drive the process of transition to sustainable mobility by enabling everyone to charge their electric vehicles from any charging station on the network, irrespective of the charging stations’ operator or owner – whether public or private.

Luís Barroso, CEO of Mobi.E, puts it this way: “Mobi.E network is now reaching its goal of covering all of the Portuguese territory, for the coming years we want to continue to create the conditions to maintain a high rate of growth in our network and increase the level of integration with foreign networks. To this end, it is crucial for MOBI.E to continue to arouse the interest of companies that want to develop their activity in the area of electric mobility in Portugal, so the entry of foreign companies such as Juice give to us great expectations in terms of growing and internationalization of the Mobi.E network.”

The Mobi.E network has over 2,485 charging stations, three quarters of which are AC chargers, offering a total of 5,100 charge points. Today, the network has 58,500 users.

Facts and figures at a glance

JUICE CHARGER me: The wallbox comes completely preconfigured and ready for immediate use (as a plug-and-play device). Once connected to the charge socket, the charging station automatically recognises every Plug-and-Charge-enabled vehicle compliant with the ISO 15118 standard, and begins charging immediately. A radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader is integrated for all vehicles that don’t yet support the ISO 15118 standard. Each unit comes equipped for locally dynamic charging management for up to 250 charging stations in master-slave operation. The cloud-based infinitely scalable smartJUICE system for omni-dynamic charging and load management is also available. A version fitted with an electricity meter certified to the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) is available for operation with charging and load management.

MOBI.E: The Mobi.E network was born of a pilot project launched in 2010 in which Mobi.E, S.A. ensured operations over a transitional period and contributed to establishing the market. Today, Mobi.E, S.A. is a listed company which since 2015 has assumed charge for managing and monitoring the charging station network, in particular its energy and financial flows. The Mobi.E network currently comprises 27 power providers and 73 charging station operators.

Mobi.E has been created with an eye to the growing expansion of electric mobility as the first nationwide charging network in the world. It offers a competition-based market framework by acting as broker between the various providers and roaming partners, while also ensuring the complete interoperability and integration of all participants.



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About Juice Technology
Juice Technology AG, headquartered in the town of Bachenbülach (near Zurich Airport, Switzerland), is a globally active producer of charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio, featuring AC and DC charging stations ranging from lightweight mobile devices to large fast chargers, makes it one of the very few full-range vendors in the industry. Juice has dominated the market for mobile 22-kW charging stations since 2014. 
The consistent, end-to-end software orientation decisively distinguishes Juice from other solutions available on the market. All Juice devices displaying the “j+” marking are based on the same processor and firmware, making them all mutually compatible with one another. By utilising uniform, consistent software architecture, Juice saves an immense amount of time, effort and cost. Solutions such as omni-dynamic load management, payment by credit card and the open-interface backend are thus all available to the entire product range.
The Juice Group enjoys worldwide presence with its own locations, subsidiaries and partner companies, The Juice corporate group includes Juice Services AG, Juice Telemetrics AG, the German firm Juice Europe GmbH headquartered in Munich, Juice UK and Ireland Ltd. in London, Juice Nordics AB, based in Uppsala, Juice Iberia S.L. in Málaga, Juice France SAS in Paris, Zhejiang Juice Technology Co., Ltd in Hangzhou, China, and Juice Americas Inc. in the U.S. State of Delaware. The Group also has a global network of resellers. All told, the company today employees a workforce of over 200 people active in research and development, production, marketing, administration, purchasing, sales and logistics. 
To find out more about the company, its products and solutions, go to You can also follow us on  LinkedIn,  Facebook,  Instagram and  Twitter.
About MOBI.E
Since 2015, MOBI.E, S.A. has been a public company, assuming responsibility in the electric mobility regulated market for the management and monitoring of the electric charging stations network, namely in terms of energy and financial flows, as Electric Mobility Network Managing Entity (EGME). MOBI.E has a leading and facilitating role within the transition process for electric mobility in Portugal, acting as a public instrument for the development of sustainable mobility.
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