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Press release: Juice Charger 2 honoured with the international Good Design Award

Press release: Juice Charger 2 honoured with the international Good Design Award
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JUICE CHARGER 2 honoured with the international GOOD DESIGN Award

Juice Technology AG has been recognised for its JUICE CHARGER 2 with the GOOD DESIGN Award presented by the Chicago Athenaeum

Juice Technology AG, producer of electric charging stations and software and the market leader in mobile charging stations for electric cars, has been honoured for its JUICE CHARGER 2 with the GOOD DESIGN Award by the Chicago Athenaeum museum of architecture and design in the “Transportation” category.

Founded in Chicago in 1950 by the world renowned architects and designers Eero Saarinen and Charles and Ray Eames, The GOOD DESIGN Awards program remains today one of the oldest and most prestigious awards programs for excellence in design worldwide. The Chicago Athenaeum received a record number applications for the 2020 competition, with over 3,000 designers and companies from more than 50 countries submitting products and graphics. In this 70th year of the GOOD DESIGN Awards, a distinguished jury selected the best product designs and graphics from Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. The JUICE CHARGER 2 made by Juice Technology AG took the prize in an international field of competitors in the “Transportation” category.

“We engineer our products first and foremost for intuitive ease of safe and reliable operation, clothed in a timeless, artistically appealing design. Exposed to the widest imaginable range of diverse environmental conditions, our charging stations must be tough and resilient, withstanding everything to maintain full functionality, yet also look good,” explains Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG. “Our JUICE BOOSTER 2 has already brought home the 2020 German Design Award. So we’re all the more delighted that our JUICE CHARGER 2 has now likewise been honoured with this prestigious design award at international level.”

The GOOD DESIGN Awards recognise products and graphics that offer outstanding quality, function and artistry above and beyond those of conventional consumer goods and graphics. The winning submissions are selected by a jury of renowned design experts and leading specialists drawn from the industry and design media. Assessments are based on the criteria of innovative design, new technologies, form, materials, engineering, conceptual design, function, utility and energy efficiency as well as environmental compatibility.

JUICE CHARGER 2’s key benefits at a glance:

  1. Charge with single or three-phase power up to 32 amps.
  2. The housing is splashproof and dustproof to IP6. The technology has optimum protection, making the wall box suitable for outside use.
  3. JUICE CHARGER 2 is an ultra-smart piece of kit. Smart modules for the fully automatic smartJUICE charging and load management system are already included in JUICE CHARGER 2.
  4. It is compatible with all existing and new electric cars on the market with a Type 1 or Type 2 connection.
  5. The integral DC and AC fault detection system trips effectively at the specified value.
  6. The wall box is simple and quick to install. The charger can be installed by any qualified electrician without the need for additional and time-consuming training or certification.
  7. The calibrated MID-certified meter guarantees accurate billing.
  8. The ability to remove the integral JUICE BOOSTER 2 means that JUICE CHARGER 2 offers users maximum flexibility.
  9. The integrated JUICE BOOSTER 2 has been tested by TÜV SÜD to the latest requirements of IEC Standard 62752, and is the first portable 22-kW charging to be successfully certified.
  10. JUICE CHARGER 2 is eligible for subsidisation support from the KfW development bank.



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About Juice Technology

Juice Technology AG, headquartered in the town of Cham in the Swiss canton of Zug, is a globally active producer of charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio, featuring AC and DC charging stations ranging from lightweight mobile devices to large fast chargers, makes it one of the very few full-range vendors in the industry. Juice has dominated the market for mobile 22-kW charging stations since 2014.

The consistent, end-to-end software orientation decisively distinguishes Juice from other solutions available on the market. All Juice devices displaying the “J+” marking are based on the same processor and firmware, making them all mutually compatible with one another. By utilising uniform, consistent software architecture, Juice saves an immense amount of time, effort and cost. Solutions such as omni-dynamic load management, payment by credit card and the open-interface backend are thus all available to the entire product range.

The Juice Group enjoys worldwide presence with its own locations, subsidiaries and partner companies, Juice Services AG and the German firm Juice Europe GmbH headquartered in Munich both form part of the corporate Group. It also has a global network of retailers at its disposal. It currently employs over 150 people in house across the research and development, production, marketing, administration, purchasing, sales and logistics teams.

To find out more about the company, its products and solutions, go to You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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