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18.12.2018 – 10:00

Bunce (Ashbury) Limited

Bunce wins its very first Council Tender in Nottingham, United Kingdom, for electric road sweepers

Nottingham/Swindon (ots)

Bunce, the exclusive supplier of Boschung products in the United Kingdom, wins its very first Council tender in the United Kingdom for electric road sweepers. Bunce championed the Boschung full electric 'Urban-Sweeper S2.0' against all other major competitors after two days of demonstrations in the Nottingham area.

As part of Nottingham City Councils ongoing efforts to lower CO2 emissions in the city centre, the council invited several manufacturers of electric road sweepers for two days of demonstrations across Nottingham's city centre. During these two days, the 'Urban Sweeper S2.0' ( excelled against all other electrical sweepers presented by major competitors.

Unique product features such as manoeuvrability, the easy operation mode and the strong suction power are what stood the 'Urban Sweeper S2.0' apart from competitors. Boasting 3.5 tons gross weight but still 1.2 ton of payload, the 'Urban-Sweeper S2.0' was chosen as the best choice for the cleaning of Nottingham's city centre.

Andrew Smith, Assistant Manager - Fleet, said:

"Not only are the machines emission free they are considerably quieter in operation which will mean less disturbance for the citizens of Nottingham and they will also provide a better environment for the operator. A factor in the purchase of this new technology is the potential for much reduced maintenance costs due to the lesser number of moving parts on an EV along with a much smaller fuel bill at the end of the year."

The 'Urban Sweeper S2.0' ("Zero Emission, Proven Performances, powered by Electric") is one of the latest innovations from the 'Boschung Technology Center' in Payerne, Western Switzerland. In the 'Boschung Technology Center' about 180 employees out of 700 in total work on the Company's vision of the future, namely the fully automated operation and maintenance of operating surfaces. In this context, Boschung develops its own hardware and software solutions, batteries and controls for self-driving maintenance vehicles in accordance with its own 'Zero Emission' strategy.

These machines are part of the City Councils commitment as a Low Emission City to replace wherever possible an Internal Combustion engine vehicle/machine with an Electrically powered or Hybrid equivalent.

Jason Gooding, Head of Parking, Fleet and Transport, said:

"We are fully committed to delivering on the Councils clean air strategy and are actively converting our fleet to ULEV, predominantly in light vehicles. Now this move to convert the sweepers is a major step forward in our aims to deliver clean air in our city and be the largest public sector ULEV fleet operators in the country."

The machines will be on the streets of Nottingham in the Spring of 2019 and Nottingham City Council will be one of the first Local Authorities to employ this new exciting technology.

About Bunce and Boschung:

For over 100 years Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd has been manufacturing in the UK, helping roads and paths clear of snow, ice and dirt. Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd is the exclusive supplier of Boschung products in the United Kingdom. BOSCHUNG is a world leader in SURFACE CONDITION MANAGEMENT ( The Group develops and produces vehicles and equipment for the cleaning and maintenance of operating surfaces. After continuous growth, the Boschung Group today has subsidiaries in Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Scandinavia, China, Russia and the USA. In many other countries, the Group is represented by a network of distributors and partners.

For the three main business areas AIRPORT (, HIGHWAY AND ROAD (, TOWN AND MUNICIPALITY (, Boschung offers tailor-made solutions for the assessment, treatment and management of operating surfaces. Depending on the task and the project, various systems developed by Boschung are used, such as ice early-warning systems, sweepers, snow plows, spreaders, de-icers, multi-purpose vehicles, fixed automatic spray systems and management information systems.

For more information, see and

About Nottingham City Council as a Low Emission City:

Nottingham City Council are constantly striving to make Nottingham a cleaner, greener city. At present the City Council Fleet of ULEV vehicles sits at a total of 51 cars and vans with more due to be added to the fleet before the end of March 2019. The City Council are keen to look at any options that can reduce emissions, noise levels and hopefully reduce operational costs. The next stage of the EV programme is to introduce Electric Cage Tippers, Electric wheelchair accessible minibuses in to the fleet and battery powered hand tools into our municipal operations.


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