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14.09.2018 – 12:00


Qooder: opening of the first Quadro Vehicles Store in Paris

Qooder: opening of the first Quadro Vehicles Store in Paris
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Paris (ots)

The Swiss company conquers Europe to satisfy every type of customer

Qooder, the only 4-wheeled vehicle in the world that combines the best of the world of cars and motorcycles will be presented in Paris on 18 and 19 September, at the famous Aqua Café, along the Seine river, at 10:30. For the occasion, journalists will be able to test the vehicle on urban roads and more dirt roads of the city covering about 40 km.

"France is one of the most important markets for our company, so it is essential to offer customers the opportunity to test live the quality and technical characteristics of the vehicles we offer. In this sense, the inauguration of the first two Paris 'Quadro Vehicles STORE' will take place on September 22nd with the aim of launching a widespread sales network in Europe. "- Explains Paolo Gagliardo, CEO of Quadro Vehicles who will be present at the event. - "Among our most innovative products there is Qooder, ideal for city traffic, for bad roads and for those who want to try safe and stable driving."

The expansion project of the Quadro Vehicles dealers envisages the inauguration of other stores in Rome, Madrid, London and Milan by 2019, where it will be possible to purchase the entire range of vehicles of the Swiss company. The "Quadro Vehicles STORE" in Paris are located at Boulevard Beaumarchais, 64 and Avenue de la Grande Armée, 53. The stores will be equipped with a stable fleet of 10 Qooders, available to customers for test drives.

Qooder is equipped with the patented HTS Hydraulic Tilting SystemTM system that allows it to tilt like a 2-wheel motorcycle but to stay close to the asphalt thanks to its 4 14-inch wheels. The vehicle has a 400 cc engine capable of delivering a power of 32.5 hp and can be driven with the B license.

"Thanks to targeted stylistic and functional interventions, Qooder is the perfect combination of elegance and sportiness, able to conquer the drivers from beyond the Alps. As always, the vehicle continues to amaze the most demanding drivers with high performance and a recognizable style that has generated a new category of mobility, halfway between cars and motorcycles ", concludes the CEO.