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11.07.2018 – 08:00

roelli roelli confectionery schweiz GmbH

Cannabis: now available as a chewing gum

Cannabis: now available as a chewing gum
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St Gallen (ots)

There's now a new cannabis chewing gum in Switzerland. It an amazing experience to chew, but with absolutely zero intoxicating effect. Roelli Roelli is the Swiss company behind the product, which has been on the market since Monday, 2 July 2018.

Swiss Cannabis Gum promises customers a chewing experience full of good vibes. Each piece of gum contains five milligrams of the antioxidant cannabidiol, or CBD for short. One pack of Swiss Cannabis Gum contains 120 mg of CBD - roughly equivalent to six grams of hemp - but with one significant difference: it doesn't get you high. Roelli Roelli is the first company to pack so much CBD into a piece of gum while remaining completely legal.

CBD has many health benefits: the substance promotes relaxation and is effective against pain, cramps, inflammation, anxiety, psychosis and nausea. As an antioxidant, it also has cell-protecting attributes. CBD, which is extracted from the hemp plant, has been enjoying an increasingly high public profile as of late. Numerous studies show that CBD and cannabis products can help you maintain good health. As a result, there are more and more people turning to CBD as a nutritional supplement to help them boost their general well-being. The medically recommended minimum dose according to many doctors and pharmacists is between 15 and 30 milligrams per day.

Swiss Cannabis Gum is easy to dose and doesn't have a bitter flavour, unlike tinctures and other cannabis products. On the contrary, it keeps your breath fresh and helps maintain the natural flora of the mouth.

At the moment Swiss Cannabis Gum is exclusively available at pharmacies and chemist's and in our online shop. The product was developed in cooperation with Medropharm, a Swiss company specialised in the development and production of products that contain cannabidiol. Medropharm guarantees the highest quality standards for the handling of this valuable natural raw material.

roelli roelli confectionery ag is a specialist for tailor-made confectionery products and is one of the largest Swiss exporters of chewing gum and candy. Alongside private label development for major European distributors, the company is particularly active in the niche market. Swiss Cannabis Gum is the first product launched by the Roelli Roelli Smart Division, consciously pointing the way forward with chewing gum that offers oral hygiene with added value. The company was founded in 1997 by the brothers Andreas und Kristofer Roelli. Prior to this, the brothers had run the family firm, which was responsible for the sale of Läkerol in Switzerland, since 1988 in the third generation.


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