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04.09.2017 – 14:01


Grundig Renews Commitment to Reducing Global Food Waste

Berlin (ots/PRNewswire)

Grundig, Europe's leading full range manufacturer of home electronics, continues with its efforts to raise awareness on global food waste, as part of its "Respect Food" philosophy.

As a premium global brand with a strong eco-conscience, Grundig pushes the cause of respecting and preserving natural resources: it is specially involved in the world's food waste fight, with its "Respect Food" philosophy.

At IFA 2017, Grundig renewed its commitment to raise awareness of global food waste, launching the second phase of its "Respect Food" initiative with a manifesto film. The film aims to object the underestimation of food and remind everyone the value of food by giving the message; wasting food is wasting life. Grundig wants everyone to know that respecting food is the only way to make our earth the best home to be.

The global launch of the project is to take place during the World Food Day, on October 16th.

Grundig and Food for Soul partnership

Grundig's partnership with Food for Soul, the non-profit association, founded by chef Massimo Bottura, is a significant part of Grundig's "Respect Food" efforts. Through this shared philosophy, in one year alone, 25 tonnes of food have been saved, four community kitchen projects have been launched and 48,300 dishes have been served across community projects with the support of 210 globally known chefs.

Grundig continues to inspire people on how to fight against food waste in the kitchen and work side-by-side with Food for Soul, for feeding the body and the souls in Refettorios, infused with art, design and beauty.

These inclusive environments aim to lead people to help each other while sharing a meal, sharing the experience and each project is tailored to the needs of the community and the institutions that support it.

After the opening of the Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janerio during 2016 Olympic Games and the Refettorio Bologna opening Grundig started No Waste Food Week, a social responsibility campaign regarding food waste in Slovenia. A container kitchen was placed in the city centre of Ljubljana, and along with Massimo Bottura, famous Slovenian chefs prepared workshops and recipes to show guests how to create delicious meals with soon-to-be wasted food, as well as running training to raise awareness of food waste. Earlier this year, Refettorio Felix launched with the support of Grundig, in occasion of the London Food Month Festival.

"It's all about enhancing lives at Grundig"

"Sustainability is, first of all, a Social Responsibility and at the very heart of our business. As an industry that shapes household consumption behaviour, we are responsible for developing effective solutions to protect the world's limited resources, like water, energy and help reduce food waste, globally. At Grundig it's all about enhancing people's lives through projects that can make a real difference. Grundig has a strong belief for respecting food and we know that wasting food means more, wasting food is wasting life. Food waste is our new focus and in line with our "Respect Food" philosophy and our commitment to being a sustainable brand, Grundig will be supporting and initiating projects, focused on ensuring a better future for people," said Zeynep Ozbil Global Head of Communications at Arçelik Group.

Grundig "Respect Food" Talks at IFA 2017

Grundig hosted "Respect Food" Talks, featuring Massimo Bottura as the guest of honour at Grundig's IFA 2017 booth, Hall 23, on Friday 1st September.

At the event, the acclaimed consumer psychologist Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos delivered global insights from a new research study commissioned by Grundig around food waste and sustainability, delving into the reasons why consumers waste food, and what can be done to reduce environmental harm.

"In today's fast paced world, overconsumption and lack of day to day control are affecting consumer behaviour. It is clear that while consumers desire to protect the environment and reduce food waste, many lack the means, time, tools or clear direction to do so. It is critically important that consumers recognise the need to form sustainable habits, and are given the tools and opportunities to do so," said Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos.

About Food for Soul

Food for Soul is a non-profit organisation founded by chef Massimo Bottura that fights against food waste in support of social inclusion and individual well-being. The organisation began with the Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan during Expo2015 with subsequent projects launched in Brazil (Refettorio Gastromotiva) as well as Modena (Social Tables @ Ghirlandina) and Bologna (Social Tables @ Antoniano) in Italy. Each unique project shares the common themes of using surplus food, working with artists to create engaging dining spaces and serving dishes to vulnerable local communities.


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