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FAOA concludes inspection regarding FIFA audit

Berne (ots) - The FAOA has inspected selected aspects regarding the audit of the annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements 2008 to 2014 of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Numerous media reports provided clues to several suspected irregularities that might have happened in the FIFA entourage. It could not be excluded that these irregularities also had an impact on the audit of the FIFA annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements.

Ad hoc FAOA inspection

To clarify whether audit shortcomings have actually occurred, the FAOA conducted an ad hoc inspection at KPMG which was carried out independently from the regular annual inspection. The identified shortcomings could be redressed by corresponding measures which the FAOA agreed on with KPMG. The resignation from the FIFA mandate by KPMG in 2016, however, is not attributable to the FAOA intervention.

Enforcement proceedings and reprimand

In one case, additional enforcement proceedings were instituted against a natural person who works for KPMG. After the proceedings were concluded, the concerned person received a written reprimand which corresponds to a warning and which is already legally binding.


Frank Schneider, FAOA CEO, phone: +41 31 560 22 22

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