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420 exhibitors to be expected at the 22nd Euromold, 328 already registered

Frankfurt/Duesseldorf (ots) -

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   - Demat GmbH, host of the Euromold exhibition, counts on welcoming
     420 exhibitors 
   - 22nd edition of the Euromold starts on 22 September in
   - Euromold remains largest exhibition in the field of 3D Printing,
     Product Development and Mouldmaking & Tooling on a global scale 

"We are very pleased with the current number of registrations for the coming Euromold 2015. To date a total of 328 companies already registered. Within the next few days we will release a list of exhibitors on our website. The registrations we received until now are a clear resemblance of our efforts to jointly develop the exhibition with our exhibitors. Euromold remains the largest international platform for 3D-Printing, Product Development and Mouldmaking & Tooling", says Diana Schnabel, CEO of Demat GmbH and host of Euromold. According to Schnabel, 420 exhibitors can be expected at the upcoming Euromold when taking into consideration the course of registrations of previous years.

The new innovative concept is based on best practice. Part of that is the international orientation of the exhibition with presently 52.7 percent of all registered companies coming from abroad. In exact numbers 23.2 percent of all exhibitors come from Western Europe, 20.0 percent from Far East, 5.5 from Eastern Europe and another 4.0 percent from North America. "In line with of our sharpened concept, we slightly adjusted the product division at the Euromold in order to put more focus on the process chain and the prospective developments in all participating sectors", continues Schnabel. The new allocation of the registered companies demonstrates the connection and interplay between the sectors. Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing would still be the strongest sector with 36.2 percent, followed by Production and Suppliers (24.3 percent) and Mouldmaking & Tooling (29.9 percent). In light of the next expected industrial revolution in the sector of 3D-Printing the balanced representation of all three sectors, including Production and Supply, would be of immeasurable importance. Design is represented by 3.5 percent of all exhibitors and Digital Product Development with 6.1 percent.

In the coming years Demat expects growth in the sector of Digital Product Development. Diana Schnabel: "There are no doubts. The keynote of Jeff Kowalski on September 23 at 9:45 in Hall 16 is one proof for that. Mister Kowalski is Senior Vice President and CTO of Autodesk in the US. He will impressively explain why computer and software will play a new and leading key role in the sector of 3D-Printing." Given that all keynote speakers are opinion leaders in their respective branches, all keynotes are free of charge for every visitor.

"With our new exhibition concept exhibitors and visitors can benefit from the Euromold as international platform in the area of Mouldmaking & Tooling", says Schnabel. Especially the arrangement of Hall 15 and 16 allows exhibition booth neighbours to showcase entire process chains. "This has been desired by our exhibitors for several years now and we are glad to put that into practice. In fact, we are very pleased to have found in Messe Duesseldorf such an internationally successful and professional partner to host the Euromold 2015", concludes Schnabel.

About Euromold

The Frankfurt-based Demat GmbH is the founder and host of Euromold, the world fair for Mouldmaking & Tooling, Design, Additive Manufacturing and Product Development. After successful 21 years Euromold changed its location to the Messe Düsseldorf. Throughout that time Euromold has become the world's largest trade fair of this kind.

The Euromold process chain forwards the establishment of networks, partnerships and business relations. With its unique exhibition concept, Euromold closes a gap between industrial designers, product developers, producers, suppliers and end customers.


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