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17.06.2015 – 10:49

Reynders Label Printing

Real or Fake? Consumers Can Now Tell

Antwerp, Belgium (ots/PRNewswire)

Belgian label printers deliver striking blow to counterfeiting

Belgian label producer Reynders has teamed up with ScanTrust, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, to produce a label printing technology that sets new standards in protecting a product's authenticity and safeguarding customer trust. The solution itself is as straightforward as it is innovative: a label with a unique code that cannot be copied and can be verified using a mobile app. Moreover, this industry first turns out to be more cost-effective than traditional anti-counterfeiting solutions.

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With a Swiss sense of security

What is the protection value of a hologram? A printed code? A fancy or complex label or sticker? None, if it can be copied, or simply removed to be re-used on counterfeit products.

Enter Reynders, the Belgian label printer, and ScanTrust, the Swiss secure graphics provider. In a strategic partnership, they have combined secure QR code technology, label printing know-how and data management to help consumers identify original products and brand owners protect authenticity.

Unique identifiers

The secure QR codes fit any label and contain a unique identifier made of pixels that cannot be copied. The unique identifier does not affect the function of the QR code: you can scan it with a standard smartphone and be directed to the corresponding unique page with additional info.

A welcome step forward

With this simple yet revolutionary use of a secure QR code consumers and brand owners can easily protect themselves against counterfeiting and fraud. Reynders can integrate it into any existing label production workflow for any product, which makes it both a scalable and a cost-effective solution.

In a world where brands have to prove they're doing all they can to fight counterfeiting, this is a welcome step forward.

New marketing opportunities

"Our solution doesn't stop at protecting your product and brand," explains Marc Reynders, Reynders' CEO, "although that is obviously a - or perhaps the - major benefit right now."

"Just think of registered users, who can access additional information on your product after a simple scan. The data you gather as brand owner could provide highly valuable information on their consumption patterns. You can give them more relevant information based on their profile and history. With ScanTrust-Reynders, you get plenty of new marketing and communication possibilities - all on your label."

ScanTrust for labels is premiering in the Benelux, France, Germany and Poland - and is now available through Reynders.


Belgium-based Reynders is a label printing company with over 60 years of experience in designing and printing labels for a wide range of sectors and products. The company has dedicated excellence centres and sites in France, Poland, India and the Netherlands.


ScanTrust is a leading provider of secure cloud-based product authentication and supply chain traceability solutions. By combining industry leading secure 2D barcodes with a comprehensive software suite, ScanTrust helps brand owners protect against counterfeit goods, monitor their supply chain and enhance trust. ScanTrust has offices in Lausanne, Shanghai and Beijing.



Press contact: Reynders, Laurence Malevez,,