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New industry barometer: staff leasing industry up 1.9% in 2016

New industry barometer: staff leasing industry up 1.9% in 2016
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Dübendorf (ots) - Swiss staff leasing companies provided 1.9% more working hours in 2016, as demonstrated by the Swiss Staffingindex recently launched by the industry association swissstaffing. This index draws on business figures from approximately 200 Swiss staff leasing companies. With 3.3% more hours worked in the first quarter of 2017, the Swiss Staffingindex indicates that there will be a further acceleration in the Swiss economy in 2017.

Swiss franc shock now overcome

The staff leasing industry lies at the heart of the Swiss economy, with staff leasing companies providing a short-term workforce to all economic sectors. Georg Staub, the President of swissstaffing, knows from many years of experience that "increased staff requirements and improved order volumes have an immediate impact on the business figures of personnel service providers". The Swiss Staffingindex clearly demonstrates this. The Swiss franc shock saw the staff leasing industry experience a significant decline, with the volume of working hours - the industry's currency of choice - falling by nearly 4 percent in 2015. But figures have been rising once again since mid-2016: over the course of the last three quarters, the industry has been up more than 2% compared to the previous year.

200 staff leasing companies, 40% market share, one index

The new Swiss Staffingindex combines the hours of work from around 200 Swiss staff leasing companies to create a single indicator for the temporary market. These companies include industry giants such as Adecco Human Resources AG, Manpower AG, Randstad Schweiz AG, Kelly Services Schweiz AG, Interiman Group Holding SA, dasteam ag and Bellini Personal AG. With 66 million hours of work, the new index covers 40% of the Swiss temporary market. This is possible because, in addition to larger companies, the index also incorporates data from a wide range of smaller SMEs. Innovative software solutions from Realisator, M&D Solutions, Softsite and btv-data have enabled large and small staff leasing companies in Switzerland to quickly and easily determine the correct minimum wage for temp workers and to provide them with the right social security provisions. This offers security for both temp workers and companies, as well as enabling the Swiss Staffingindex via an automated data supply from the software providers to a neutral body. This guarantees reliable, extremely high-quality index data.

Optimistic outlook

"This increase of 3.3% in the first quarter makes us optimistic about the staff leasing industry's development for 2017," says Marius Osterfeld, a swissstaffing economist. "It is clear that the economy is picking up speed. We at swissstaffing are monitoring the increasing efforts to regulate the flexible Swiss labour market with concern. The mountain of red tape wrapped surrounding the obligation to report work could stifle this delicate flower of growth, as could implementing the trade unions' countless regulation ideas." The Swiss Staffingindex will continue to illustrate further developments in the staff leasing industry and the economy as a whole on a quarterly basis.

More information: The next page shows the index's key data and compares the new Swiss Staffingindex with the aggregate KOF Business Situation Indicator. Other statistics are available at by clicking on this link:

Swiss Staffingindex key data 
Staff leasing companies included            200 companies
Working hours recorded per year                66 million
Market coverage                                       40%
Frequency of publication                        Quarterly
Data collection                                   Monthly
Next provisional publication date            27 July 2017
Source: swissstaffing, Q1/2017. 

swissstaffing is the centre of excellence for staff leasing companies in Switzerland. As an employers' association, swissstaffing represents the interests of its over 370 members in matters of policy, the economy and society. swissstaffing is a social partner of CBA Staff Leasing, the contract covering the majority of Switzerland's employees.

Study of the situation of temporary workers in Switzerland

The market research institute gfs-Zürich completes regular surveys on behalf of swissstaffing. The current study can be found by clicking on this link:


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