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SyntheticMR Delivers MAGiC to GE Healthcare

Stockholm (ots/PRNewswire) - A customized version of SyntheticMR AB's SyMRI(R) IMAGE software is now introduced by GE Healthcare, a strategic partner to SyntheticMR, under the name MAGiC. MAGiC is introduced at RSNA together with the new magnetic resonance (MR) system SIGNA Pioneer from GE Healthcare.

MAGiC (Magnetic Resonance Image Compilation) is a customized version of SyntheticMR's SyMRI IMAGE software, a breakthrough productivity enhancement that allows clinicians to capture multiple image contrasts in a single scan. A single scan generates quantitative T1, T2, STIR, T1 FLAIR, T2 FLAIR and PD weighted images in as little as one-third the total time it would take to acquire each contrast separately. The time saved could allow clinicians to scan one more patient per hour, every hour of every day. After the images have been acquired, the contrast can be adjusted by manipulating TR, TE and TI values, helping to ensure that no details are missed.

GE Healthcare introduces MAGiC together with the SIGNA Pioneer 3.0T magnetic resonance (MR) system at RSNA (Radiological Society of North America), the world's largest radiology conference, taking place in Chicago, USA, 30 November - 5 December 2014. SIGNA Pioneer and MAGiC are 510(k) pending at the U.S. FDA.

SyntheticMR also offers SyMRI NEURO, which provides fully automatic brain segmentation based on the SyMRI IMAGE and MAGiC data. For more information please visit .

See also the additional press release from SyntheticMR regarding the license agreement with GE Healthcare as well as the press release from GE Healthcare.

Press release from SyntheticMR:

Press release from GE Healthcare:

SyntheticMR AB develops and markets innovative software solutions for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). SyntheticMR AB has developed SyMRI(R) IMAGE, software that provides fast MRI workflows, allowing high patient throughput, and SyMRI NEURO that enables automatic segmentation of brain tissue, providing objective decision support based on quantitative data. SyMRI is CE-marked and a registered trademark in Europe. A customized version of SyMRI IMAGE is marketed by SyntheticMR's strategic partner GE Healthcare under the name MAGiC. SyntheticMR is listed on the AktieTorget exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. For additional information, please visit .

For additional information, please contact Stefan Tell, CEO SyntheticMR AB, +46-73-373-40-90.

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