Infomaniak Network: Launching of a multimedia platform for professionals

Carouge (ots) - Infomaniak Network SA launches a media storage and publishing platform for large-scale companies.

At a time when it is very easy to publish videos on Internet web sites, the fastest integrations are made possible with the use of such platforms as Youtube and Dailymotion. However, these generally free solutions offer very rigid settings and impose numerous constraints such as video length restrictions or player customizations.

After several years of research and development (over twenty engineers at present based in Geneva), Infomaniak Network has decided to launch a media content platform offering the possibility to sidestep most of the market leaders' technical restrictions.

Relying on its many years of experience working with companies specialized in broadcasting such as the Télévision Suisse Romande (Swiss Romandy Television), the Radio Télévision Belge (Belgian Radio Television) and all the local Swiss Romandy television and radio stations, Infomaniak Network SA achieved its goal of grouping its partners' needs and suggestions together to offer a product specialized in media storage and publishing.

As a reminder, broadcasting any recorded audiovisual content whatever the size and even in big quantities is made possible today using the VOD (Video on Demand) technology on a worldwide scale. Internet users can then view the content whenever they want, even if a large number of people are viewing it at the same time.

So what does this multimedia storage platform offer more than its competitors?

- several terabytes of storage capacity are available for unlimited
  time and number of videos 

- content protection or on the opposite sharing and broadcasting of
  media through social networks are made possible thanks to
  geographical restriction or pay-per-view 

- creating your own skins for your Video or Audio player 

- getting an API to integrate the downloading of videos in your CMS
  and release videos online to your customers 

- creating your WebTV with predefined lists of videos 

- email assistance and telephone hotline based in Geneva 

This top of the range solution opens the way to companies and professionals specialized in the development of Internet web sites for high-quality integration of audio and video contents on their web sites.

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About Infomaniak Network SA

Established in 1996, Infomaniak Network SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva, where all the company employees work and where both its Datacenters are located. The company is specialized in the hosting of Internet websites, mail managing and audio and video contents live broadcasting. Infomaniak Network SA promotes a relaxed corporate culture and works on raising its employees and customers' awareness of sustainable development and our lifestyle's impact on the environment for future generations. With a turnover of over 10 million CHF and nearly 40 employees, Infomaniak Network SA is maintaining an ongoing growth year after year while becoming one of Switzerland and Europe's main Internet leaders. 2012 will indeed be a turning point in the company's expansion, with the launching of new top of the range products and tools adapted to the market's present and future demand.

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