25th Anniversary of Women's Access to Medical Abortion with Mifegyne®

Paris (ots/PRNewswire) - The approval of Mifegyne(R) was the successful outcome of a long struggle. Its launch in France in 1989, soon followed by other European countries, was the final point of several decades of harsh debate, giving women more autonomy and the choice to medically terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Mifegyne(R) has changed the way abortion was perceived and performed. Since the introduction of medical abortion, improvements in terms of access and practice have been continuous. More consideration is given to pain, from analgesics prescription to adequate counselling before the procedure and reassurance during the process.

Today, the plurality of abortion methods available gives women more choices, thus increasing their level of satisfaction. For most women, the benefits of medical abortion make this method preferable to surgery.

Exelgyn strives to further improve women's healthcare and autonomy worldwide. Exelgyn has been strongly committed to medical termination of pregnancy since Mifegyne(R)'s launch twenty five years ago. The product received approval in nearly thirty countries. In the near future, Exelgyn is planning the launch of various products to make a difference in the lives of women considering medical abortion.

For more details about this topic, please visit the Exelgyn website http://www.exelgyn.com where a complete press release is available.

This press release entitled "25th anniversary of women's access to medical abortion with Mifegyne(R)" will provide you with detailed history of medical abortion access, including an interview with the discoverer of the molecule for medical abortion, with European figures and graphs about medical abortion and with some pictures.

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