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28.04.2021 – 07:00

Hostpoint AG

Hostpoint speeds up access to websites around the globe with DNS Anycast

Hostpoint speeds up access to websites around the globe with DNS Anycast
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Rapperswil-Jona (ots)

Hostpoint, the Rapperswil-based hosting provider, has expanded its security package "Domain Shield" once again. Now customers of "Domain Shield" can also benefit from DNS Anycast, which enables website connections through a global, decentralized network of name servers. The result is even faster page loading and improved stability.

Hostpoint strives to keep developing and improving its products and services for customers. Most recently, in January 2021, it added domain loss protection to the domain security package "Domain Shield". Now Hostpoint is going a step further by adding yet another service to "Domain Shield". Customers who have purchased this all-in-one package will now get the benefits of DNS Anycast at no extra charge.

Unlike the conventional routing method, which connects to a certain website via a specific DNS location (Unicast), DNS Anycast uses a global network of more than 20 different DNS locations instead. Depending on where the website visitor is located, the geographically nearest DNS server is used to establish the connection. This speeds up websites' loading time, particularly the initial page request.

Greater availability equals better Google rankings

But DNS Anycast offers more than just better performance - it also improves stability and protects more effectively against DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service). If a particular DNS location goes offline due to a DDoS attack, for example, the decentralized network of name servers ensures that website traffic can be rerouted via the next name server that happens to be nearest.

The SEO advantages are certainly worth mentioning as well. "Domain Shield" customers who have activated DNS Anycast for their domains will notice better search engine rankings thanks to speedier loading times and greater stability.

"Domain Shield": complete protection for your domain

Having a proprietary domain is becoming increasingly important for businesses, freelancers and private individuals, which is why more and more customers want to safeguard the domains they own. Hostpoint has responded to this demand with "Domain Shield", a product that includes protection against domain loss, protection against domain misuse and protection of customers' data. It also offers new and improved downtime protection and other performance advantages.

"Domain Shield" loss protection guarantees that customers remain the rightful owners of their domains even if there is a lapse in paying the domain renewal fee on time. Domain Guard protects domains against unauthorized activity as well as other unwarranted or accidental domain name alterations. Last but not least, the Domain Privacy trustee service prevents third parties from accessing customers' personal details and serves as an intermediary for any legitimate requests for customers' contact details.

More information about Hostpoint "Domain Shield" can be found at:


For further information, please contact:

Mauro Landolt
Communication manager

Hostpoint AG
Neue Jonastrasse 60
8640 Rapperswil-Jona


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