CENX Receives Multi-Million Dollar Order from Tier 1 Service Provider

Ottawa, Ontario (ots/PRNewswire) - Just-In-Time Capacity Management Aligns Network Upgrades with User Demand

CENX [http://cenx.com], a global leader of Service Orchestration solutions for software-defined networks, today announced that it has received a new multi-million dollar order from a Tier 1 North American service provider. The customer [http://www.cenx.com/about/news/cenx-secures-muti-million-dollar-order-12-10-2013.html] is extending their Cortx Service Orchestrator deployment to rollout Just-In-Time Capacity Management [http://www.cenx.com/solutions/just-in-time-capacity-management.html] throughout their mobile backhaul network, to gain significant upgrade savings.

"This new customer order is a testament to the tremendous value that Cortx Service Orchestrator brings to service provider networks," said Ed Ogonek, President and CEO of CENX. "We work closely with our customers to deliver on their requirements to gain operational efficiency and increase service agility through programmability."

Cortx Service Orchestrator is a flexible software product that automates services lifecycle management for a broad set of use cases. The Just-In-Time Capacity Management [http://www.cenx.com/solutions/just-in-time-capacity-management.html] solution applies sophisticated algorithms to network big data, to forecast capacity upgrades when and where they are needed to meet user quality expectations, and automates the upgrade process, just-in-time. This approach delivers substantial benefits to service providers:

- Reduced capex -accurately forecast timing of capex investment by aligning
  user demand and network utilization, and deploying additional network capacity when
- Reduced opex -reduce the cost per upgrade by automating time-consuming manual
  processes, based on user-defined upgrade policies which control when upgrades are
- High user quality of experience-provide performance-assured network
  connectivity services by engineering network capacity to effectively deliver services
- Increased service agility -minimize service turn-up time with automated
  ordering and provisioning of network elements and turn-up testing

Caroline Chappell, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, states in her whitepaper, "Aligning User Experience & Cost in Mobile Networks Through Just-In-Time Capacity Management" [http://info.cenx.com/aligning-user-experience-cost-in-mobile-networks-through-just-in-time-capacity-management] , "This approach further complements the goals of SDN, which advocates the centralized and automated management of the network for improved operational efficiency. Again, the capabilities needed for JIT capacity upgrades, such as network topology knowledge and abstraction and the flow-through provisioning of network resources, are key goals of SDN."

CENX is demonstrating its Cortx Service Orchestrator capabilities at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress [http://www.layer123.com/sdn], October 14-17th and at MEF GEN14 [http://www.gen14.com], November 17-20th.

About CENX

CENX provides Service Orchestration solutions that automate the entire lifecycle of advanced data services in software-defined networks. We harness the power of big data, distributed virtualized computing and real-time analytics to dynamically orchestrate and assure services across multiple network technologies and providers. CENX solutions are deployed by service providers worldwide to create new revenue streams, gain service agility, reduce operational costs, and deliver quality-assured data services. http://www.cenx.com

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