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A Viral Market? Insight into the Rise of E-Cigarettes and Vapers from VAPESTICK's Executive Chairman

London (ots/PRNewswire) - "Electronic cigarettes [have] become a phenomenon... as one smoker becomes a vaper and shows their family and friends and they try it. And they love it, and then they

show theirs and so on..."

Michael Clapper, Executive Chairman of VAPESTICK

Doubling in market share annually, electronic cigarettes are really taking off. Technology IQ exclusively interviewed Michael Clapper, Co Founder and Executive Chairman of VAPESTICK, one of the UK's leading brands of e-cigarettes, about the key drivers of this fast-moving market, now valued at GBP2bn, and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

Michael has over 20 years' experience in business development, having previously founded Enterprise Group which grew to become one of the UK's largest distributors of mortgages and loans.

In the course of the interview, Michael discussed:

- The 3 main reasons smokers are switching to e-cigarettes: health, cost and
  they can be used without breaching the smoking ban
- Growth of purchases of e-cigarettes from retail stores instead of online - "At
  the moment from our own business's point of view it's around about 50/50 in terms of
  product sales."
- What to look for when selecting an investor for your e-cigarette business,
  in addition to money
- How VAPESTICK is ensuring product safety via certification and correct product
- His dos and don'ts for the e-cigarette market - "Do look after your
  customers... [Don't] talk about electronic cigarettes being quit-smoking devices or
  make health claims of any nature."

This interview was created in collaboration with Europe's only e-cigarette industry event, eCig Europe, taking place in London, 4th - 5th December 2013.

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