2014 International Summit of Cooperatives

Twenty-five World-class Studies to Make Their Grand Debut at the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives

Quebec (ots/PRNewswire) - The cooperative movement plays a key role in the global economy, representing over a million businesses with a billion members employing 100 million workers. Despite their great resilience in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, cooperatives are no strangers to financing, capitalization, innovation, efficiency, governance, training, and job retention challenges, as well as shifting demographics.

The 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives is the cooperative community's largest international business event. It aims to help cooperative and mutual businesses achieve their full potential. Just as in years past, this year's event will bring together managers, decision makers, and other key players from the cooperative and mutual movement to learn about the latest international studies and to discuss solutions to the problems they face. These studies serve as management tools to help boost performance.

The Summit also provides an opportunity for cooperative businesses to demonstrate their key role in solving two challenges faced by all of humankind: food security and health care accessibility. The Summit aims to further this role by welcoming a number of internationally recognized experts to debut the results from more than twenty-five studies.

Study highlights: Complete details on the studies are available at: http://www.sommetinter.coop/cms/en_CA/home/edition-2014/etudes.html

- Topic: Food Security
  The Rise of the Rural Entrepreneur - Book Update
  Author: Rabobank
  Synopsis: As the world population grows and lives longer, we rely on farmers to
  provide a sustainable food supply. But farmers everywhere face food production
  challenges that prevent them from producing more with fewer resources, being
  sustainable and using innovative technology. This study on "rural entrepreneurs"
  examines issues of succession, sustainability, supply chain, the search for solutions,
  and social media as a means of connecting farmers and consumers.
- Topic: Health and Social Care Services
  Banking for Health
  Author: World Health Organization (WHO)
  Synopsis: There is now global recognition of the relationship between macroeconomics,
  finance, and health. There is also considerable evidence demonstrating the detrimental
  impacts that financial crises and macroeconomic responses to address them can have on
  health equity and illness. By addressing the social determinants of health, there is
  significant potential for the banking sector to play an important role in improving
  health and social development, promoting universal health coverage, and reducing
  poverty and inequity. Cooperative banks in particular are well placed to benefit from
  such a role.
- Topic: Employment
  Unemployment affects over 200 million people. How can cooperatives make a difference?
  Author: CICOPA
  Synopsis: The Global Report on Cooperatives and Employment will present the status of
  employment in cooperatives around the world, through both quantitative and qualitative
  analysis. This enables us to estimate the number of jobs created or maintained by
  cooperatives, identify their specificities, discover the factors of sustainable and
  decent employment in cooperatives, and propose corresponding recommendations. The
  study examines ten regions in the world where cooperatives play a tangible role in
- Topic: Economics, Financing and Capitalization
  Cracking the Organizational Code for Growth and Effectiveness in the Cooperative
  Banking and Mutual Insurance Sectors Author: Oliver Wyman
  Synopsis: To achieve sustainable growth, organizations from the finance and insurance
  sectors have centred their attention and focus on strategic questions. Nevertheless,
  organizational elements directly impact the ability of these entities to successfully
  implement their objectives. Oliver Wyman will share the results of a study that
  examines the organizational attributes evidenced in cooperative banks and mutual
  insurers and their level of performance, making it possible to identify, qualify, and
  quantify the best practices for achieving sustainable growth in these markets.
- Topic: Developing Cooperative and Mutual Enterprises
  Member Driven Strategies - Leveraging Cooperatives' Competitive Advantage
  Author: Bain & Company
  Synopsis: Cooperatives and mutuals are in a unique position to be leaders in
  delivering a superior member experience, yet few are realizing this opportunity. Our
  study will review the current state of member-centric strategies in the cooperative
  sector-highlighting successes, challenges, and opportunities. It will also outline the
  path forward for cooperatives to enhance their competitiveness by putting the member
  at the centre of everything they do.
- Topic: Developing Cooperative and Mutual Enterprises
  Disruptive Technologies: Advances that will Transform Life, Business, and the Global
  Economy Author: McKinsey & Company
  New technologies are appearing every day, and some will leave a lasting mark on our
  business and social landscapes. It is therefore critical that business and policy
  leaders understand which technologies will matter to them and prepare accordingly.
  Many new technologies are disintermediation human interactions from business
  interactions, putting one of the strongest pillars of the cooperative movement at
  risk. At the same time, however, technological shifts can enable new ways to engage
  members more deeply. This study examines twelve technologies set to shake up the
  market, as well as their inherent risks and opportunities and strategies for how to


"The calibre of the participants and studies to be unveiled at the International Summit of Cooperatives makes it a can't-miss event not only for cooperative actors, but also for the private sector and decision makers from around the world. The Summit has become the Davos for cooperatives and mutuals."

Monique F. Leroux, Desjardins Group, Chair of the Board, President and CEO and Summit Co-host

"The range of topics covered by the Summit is proof-positive that the cooperative and mutual model offers invaluable solutions to the world's social and economic challenges. The Summit provides fertile ground for growing the cooperative movement."

Dame Pauline Green, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) President and Summit Co-host

Online registration for the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives is now open.

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About the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives Decision makers and influencers from the international cooperative and mutual community will gather in Quebec City, Canada, from October 6 to 9 for the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives. The Summit's bold, ambitious themes will garner the attention and interest of cooperatives from around the globe as well as world leaders and politicians. http://www.intlsummit.coop

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