OmPrompt Speeds Claims Resolution for Global Suppliers

Oxford, England (ots/PRNewswire) - OmPrompt adds automated Claims Validation to a growing portfolio of Customer Automation Management solutions. Claims Validation enables suppliers to identify and respond to legitimate claims within the parameters of restricted deadlines.

Retailers offer a narrow window of opportunity for suppliers to respond to alleged discrepancies between consignments despatched by the supplier and received by the retailer; this is normally one or two days. There can be any number of reasons for a mismatch between despatch and proof of delivery (POD) or goods received notes (GRN), but the mere act of identifying a legitimate claim is likely to be a full time job for a full time employee. It takes time and concentration for staff to deal with an email, or log into a portal to source the e-POD or GRN and then check all the details in all the formats. The manual nature of this process eats into the allocated response time, pressuring the supplier to either invoice in anticipation of a resolution where the risk is non-payment, or cut his or her losses early and simply write off the goods.

Automating the validation process reduces the number of write-offs, non-payments and associated administration costs because efforts are concentrated on resolving genuine claims.

"Our customers can now manage claims proactively, and they can do it much faster with fewer errors. They no longer need waste time checking successful delivery lines; they can focus on the failures - the exceptions flagged by OmPrompt's service. Customers welcome reductions in DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) which is another example of Customer Automation Management closing gaps in order-to-cash," commented Ed Bolton of OmPrompt.

About OmPrompt

OmPrompt is the leader in Customer Automation Management. OmPrompt helps large companies with complex supply chains bridge gaps in their business-to-business communications. OmPrompt automates every message thus eliminating the need for human intervention.

OmPrompt's award-winning approach enables companies across a range of industries, including FMCG, healthcare, and logistics, to harness their processes, make human intervention the exception, avoid waste, remove restrictions, and reduce risk to the business.

OmPrompt captures and centralises the information required to automate communications with customers, allowing managers to manage and freeing staff to focus on service.

OmPrompt's intelligent cloud-based approach means customers realise dramatic benefits with minimal IT intervention. OmPrompt is headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK.

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