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After the IFCC, Sysmex Turkey is really on the map!

Istanbul (ots) - This year's IFCC in Istanbul was a remarkable event for Sysmex. With one of our largest stands ever - showcasing the entire range of our products - we showed what we believe is living our mission of "Shaping the Advancement of Healthcare". After the IFCC we can be confident we are well on our way.

The Sysmex mission is to shape the advancement of healthcare - the laboratory workflow, the diagnostic processes and the overall patient experience. On a 190 m2 stand, with extensive multi-media support, we illustrated and explained how we are attending to and supporting all relevant areas: To make diagnostics easier, more efficient, more effective and more appreciated by the patient.

Our presence at the IFCC and now permanently in Turkey through our new affiliate office was highly appreciated by our new local customers. The fast growing yet complex Turkish market is ready for Sysmex. With 81 provinces, the market is served from our head office in Istanbul through around 10 dedicated, trained distributors.

Sysmex is the global leader in haematology, and further specialises in life science, urinalysis, haemostasis, cancer management and other related areas. With the recent acquisition of Partec, the portfolio has expanded to include us as one of the leading lights in Essential Healthcare in resource-poor markets.

Gala dinner

The gala dinner in the beautiful Esma Sultan Yalisi palace was the highlight of the week. The traditional Japanese sake ceremony fascinated everyone present - calling on the Gods to bless the new venture. The applause said it all.

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