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05.04.2013 – 15:29

Fashion TV Holding Ltd.

EANS-News: FashionTV has entered the glamorous world of Casinos

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Paris (euro adhoc) - Investor Relations, Victoria Kolossov

04.04.2013 Paris FashionTV has signed a contract with one of the most renowned
leisure operators of the world to operate the fashion branded Casinos. The
channel will add glamour and trends to the world of gambling and high stakes,
with personalized gaming technology, chic ambience, f. hospitalities facilities
and legendary FashionTV parties. The Casino will be branded with a lot of
fashion content, designers and beautiful models trained as coupes and party

The FashionTV branded Casino follows in the success footsteps of Hardrock,
Playboy, Titan and Sports Casinos, which have experienced international success.
FashionTV will provide this atmosphere by bringing luxury, glamour and beauty to
the Casinos. The Casinos will be equipped with fashionable gaming machines which
will be fully designed in relation to trends with large crystal diamonds placed
on each, and slot machines displaying the pictures of diamonds, shoes, perfumes,
bags, trendy cars and ither luxury products. The special feature is a 'buy
instantly' button on the machine which will allow the player to buy the items
displayed directly in the casino lobby. Additionally cards and chips as well as
gaming tables will all be branded with the FashionTV diamond shape. 

Gamers will have the opportunity to try their luck in multiple rooms surrounded
by beautiful well dressed women, designed to the highest standard, whether the
Champs-Elysees room, 7th Avenue, Bond Street, Cavalli room or the Versace VIP
room. Chosen rooms will have a catwalk in the middle, allowing for fashion shows
and events to add trends to the casinos. There will additionally be multiple
screens of various sizes displaying the newest stars and fashion trends directly
from the catwalk and behind the scenes secrets for the entertainment of guests. 

The FashionTV Casino Staff will be skillfully trained models, mirroring the
style and trends of the Casino while providing the players will highest class of
professionalism, whether in the game areas or bars and lounges facilities.

After the games, f.Studio clubs, f.Diamond bar, f.Lounge, love f.Cafe and
exclusive VIP areas provide comfort and entertainment to the guests. Fashion
models will serve customers the most delicious and fashionable f.Cocktails using
the luxury line of f.Beverages.  FashionTV will additionally organize parties
and events with professional models to entertain guests and visitors making for
an unforgettable experience for the casino visitors and international FashionTV
fans. Customers can enjoy these legendary FashionTV events and shows live from
their game activities or in the other amenities. Furniture designed by founder
of FashionTV Michel Adam will give the rooms their unique style and wellbeing. 

For more information visit

For more information please contact:
And visit www.fashiontv.com

About Fashion TV
Founded by its president, Mr. Michel Adam, Fashion TV is the biggest fashion
medium in the world. As the only global 24/7 TV station focused exclusively on
fashion, beauty, trends and style, FTV broadcasts the latest news & information
to over 440 million households and 7 million public places worldwide. Fashion TV
is more than a channel, it is a lifestyle. The community of FTV viewers is
considered the most luxurious, glamorous and fashion-oriented target group among
all media consumers, who not only love to watch the fashionable lifestyle on TV,
but they also enjoy LIVING IT. As a result, Fashion TV branded products,
locations (F Clubs, F Bars, F Hotels etc..) and high-profile events are
increasingly popular and sought-after by millions of fans around the world. 

Fashion TV is the global multimedia network leader in fashion and lifestyle
content, broadcasting to over 60 satellites in SD, HD and 3D, 530 TV platforms,
mobile, IPTV, SmartTV, Smart Phones and Androids.
Fashion TV broadcasts in 193 countries to over 440 million households and 7
million public locations across the 5 continents. Fashion TV is the only 24-hour
fashion, beauty & lifestyle television station worldwide.

New Media
Fashion TV has expanded its social media presence with millions of followers on
YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youku, Tudou, Daily Motion, MetaCafe,
vKontakti etc..
On Youtube Fashion TV is the leading Fashion Company with more than 611 million
views and 447,000 subscribers. These numbers are bigger than all Top 14 Fashion
magazines YouTube numbers put together. Please visit Fashion TV on Youtube
under: http://www.youtube.com/fashiontv 
On Facebook, Fashion TV has a total fan base of over 2M users. Please visit
FashionTV on Faceboook under: http://www.facebook.com/FTV 
On Google+ Fashion TV has more than 2 million users with a growth of 100,000 new
users each month. Please visit Fashion TV on Google+ under:

Fashion TV has expanded its licensing business to include F merchandise, F Bars,
F Clubs, F Hotels, F Cafes, F Stores, F Beverages (including f18 and f88), F
Vodka, F Voda, F Mobile Phones, F Perfume and F Couture in over 193 countries.
Fashion TV's variety of products and hospitality is experiencing high growth as
F Bars, F Cafes, F Stores and F Hotels have opened in over 200 locations, with
new ones opening weekly across the world. Please find all current presentations
on Fashion TV's newest licensing activities under: http://www.fashiontv.vg 

Please find the active links for Fashion TV below:
Fashion TV: www.fashiontv.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/fashiontv
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FTV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionTV
Google+: https://plus.google.com/#s/fashiontv
vKontakti: http://vk.com/fashiontv
QR Codes: www.fashiontv.com/qrcodes

Further inquiry note:
Victoria Kolossov
Investor Relations
+43 151 31 267

end of announcement                               euro adhoc 

company:     Fashion TV Holding Ltd.
             P.O. Box 958 
             VG- Road Town
phone:       0043 151 31 267
FAX:         0043 151 31 385
mail:     victoria@ftv.com
WWW:      http://www.fashiontv.com
sector:      Media
ISIN:        VGG3335A1003
stockmarkets: Open Market: Frankfurt 
language:   English

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