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Global Expansion/Joint Ventures/Cooperation/Collaboration

Dover, USA (euro adhoc) - Management

NORTHWEST OIL & GAS TRADING COMPANY, INC. (NWO) is glad to inform that Mrs. Aya
Zarmon, Lawyer, Israel attends the company's advisory board as legal advisor.
NWO appreciates her professional boost and legal expertise and will benefit from
her excellent network, especially in the oil- and refinery market.

Mr. Markos Yakob Lukman, Iraq attends the Board of Directors until the next
General Meeting of shareholders. Mr. Lukman will support the company, especially
in the Middle East Region, Northern Iraq and Turkey.

Listing Stock Exchange

The process to list the company's stock is set to work, the Listingpartner has
been delegated. Further information will be released when having concrete data.

Financial Statement 2012 and General Meeting

The financial statements for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 has been prepared and
are already audited. A summary concerning the assets and net loss as well the
development of the numbers you will see here:

Net Income/Loss (USD):
2008 / -372.064; 2009 / -575.130; 2010 / -622.151; 2011 / -631.737
Total Assets (USD):
2008 /  482.060; 2009 / 1.894.509; 2010 /2.353.152; 2011 / 12.338.195
(Please see PDF)

The annual statement 2012 is in auditing. As soon it is finished we will prepare
for the General Meeting. Every shareholder will be invited in time.

The current Board of Directors together with the major shareholders are working
on a complete realignment of the company. As part of the realignment the
company's website under will be revised soon and in view of
the international nature of the company's business will be multilingual.

In addition to the cooperation with SRE-Group (, Israel,
NWO is negotiating with further joint venture partners, for example TBS GmbH
(, Germany, VERON Group, Switzerland and Turkey,
DylanGroup (, Netherlands, Silver Peak Energy Resources,
Inc., USA, Decagon Development (, UK and Deepak
Kuntawala Group (, UK. In March 2013 there has been a
meeting between Mr. Kuntawala and Mrs. Aya Zarmon, Mr. Azad Murad and Michael
Ende from NWO to move forward with numerous opportunities

Mr. Deepak Kuntawala has been introduced to NWO by Mrs. Aya Zarmon and Mr.
Michael Ende. During the meeting in Slovenia the attendees discussed the
opportunities concerning the Oil- and Refinery business in Slovenia.

Further partners of NWO are EPIC Financial Consulting, Austria
( and KSG International, Turkey (
as well AIC Group, Turkey (


With our joint venture partner NWO is able to offer an innovative technology to
build and run a refinery with an extremely competing technology and which has a
very high potential to revolutionize the refinery market world wide. This unique
refinery technology allows small modern oil refinery facilities to be built
quickly and practically anywhere in the world

- which are much less expensive to construct than traditional large refineries
- and with a significantly faster return-on-investment.

In fact, operating multiple small refineries has many distinct advantages over a
single large facility. With regard to safety and environmental impact, these
technology leads the industry. The use of sealed equipment in the technological
processes of our refinery is the main means of environment protection from oil
product accidents. In addition, the systems produce no tar, asphalt, waste oil,
or other toxic substances as part of the refining process.

The main advantages are:

- Providing the highest-quality products
- Practicing superior safety standards
- Assuring reliable manual and automatic refinery operations
- Assuming total responsibility for completing the entire job
- High quality of produced products and stability of work of column for
conducting technological process
- Low power inputs
- Reduction of heat losses up to 10 %
- Additionally, internal reflux of our technology and a very small hydraulic
resistance allow savings of up to 17-18 % of energy. In total, it results in
economy of energy from 12 % up to 28 % in comparison with traditional processes
of rectification.
- Sharp reduction in the occurrences of fire and explosions hazard at occurrence
of during emergencies. Because of the at least 100-time reduction of the amount
of compounds inside our tower compared to conventional towers, it is extremely
less hazardous to operate our refinery.
- Increased operational reliability of the equipment and stability to formation
of pollution.


- up to 30% and more increased output of diesel and gasoline
- significantly lower construction costs
- we can extract most of the crude oil, leaving the refinery with nearly zero
residual Heavy Fuel Oil, and about 5-8% of Bitumen after oxidation
- the worse the crude is, the better the profitability is
- we can refine any crude starting from 16 API and up
- we can refine very sour crude, very waxy one or very asphaltic one

More advantages:

-       The basic refinery unit has the capacity of 3.000 bbl / day = 150.000 MT
per year and can start production after a 6 months periode.
-       For further capacity we erect additional units.
-       Its possible to build about 10.000 bbl / day capacity in less then 2
-       and 20.000 bbl / day capacity in about 3 years.
-       The area for a 20.000 bbl / day refinery is only about 20 hectares.
-       Unlike big and complex refineries we do not water cooling.
-       To operate a 20.000 bbl / day refinery you can employ less than 200
-       Big complex refinery, targeted to zero HFO requires an investment
(CAPEX) of about 1.6 Billion USD for a 20.000 bbl/d capacity. Our solution
achieves the same yields or even better at less than half of the CAPEX.
-       Complex refinery, targeted to zero HFO requires operational costs (OPEX)
of about 2.45 USD/bbl. Our solution requires OPEX of less than 1.00 USD/bbl.

Our refinery is small by scale, but very sophisticate by its yields. We can
extract most of the residual Heavy Fuel Oil, leaving the refinery with just
about 10% of residual Bitumen, the rest shall be Diesel and/or Kerosene (about
60%) and 95 Octane gasoline (about 30%). The technology is a simple and risk
free process of improving the viscosity of most kinds of crude oil and all kinds
of residual Heavy Fuel Oil. Combining our technologies we are able to provide a
refinery facility that can compete and exceed the outcome of any other refinery.

Refinery Projects in the Republic of Iraq

NWO in 2012 starts realizing its plans concerning the development of the
Republic of Iraq. The first conrete move was. At the Extraordinary Meeting of
the Stockholders of NWO in January 2012 the agreement to get a stake in the
KANDAL OIL COMPANY has been ratified. The aim is, to modernize these refinery
with the innovative technology of the so called "Smart Cracking" with the use of
a "Small Modular Refinery". With its director Mr. Azad S. Murad further refinery
projects in the Republic of Iraq has been discussed and will be realized.

Besides refinery projects in the Republic of Iraq several other countries are
interested in working together with NWO and to impelement the innovative
technology either in existing refineries or in new to build refinery and
pipeline projetcs.

Cleaning of Oiltanks / Oil storage facilities / Oil terminals

The unique "Smart Cracking" technology allows us to use residual Heavy Oil in
Oiltanks and storage facilities to produce refined products out of this
residuum. The dialogue to start with this innovative technology has already
begun. Not only in the big oil terminals in the Middle East there is a huge
demand for the promising use of these state of the art technology.

Running pipelines

Our technology allows us the pretreatment of Paraffin, viscous and heavy waxy
Crude Oil, which enables the transport of conventional pipelines without heating
and without addition of chemicals. This will save millions of dollars in
constructing and maintaining the oil pipeline.

Disclaimer/Predictive statements: This notification serves only general purposes
and is not meant as a tender to purchase or sell shares of NORTHWEST OIL & GAS

Some statements in this notification are so-called forward-looking statements
under the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These
assertions are based on current expectations, estimates and forecasts as well as
currently available information. The future-oriented assertions are not to be
understood as guarantees of the cited prospective developments and results. The
statements are not based on historical background, but rather represent
predictive position statements and assumptions subject to risks and
uncertainties which could cause actual events or results to differ materially
from those reflected in the forward-looking statements and assumptions,
including, but not exclusively, certain delays beyond the control of the
company, uncertainties regarding future and/or unexpected costs, the inability
or failure to obtain adequate financing on a timely basis, changes in the
national and local laws, natural catastrophes, the risk of inadequate insurance
or the inability to conclude an insurance contract and other risks, as well as
also entirely unknown risks, uncertainties and factors which could lead to
situations where the actual results, financial situation, developments or
performance of the company considerably deviate from those which were expressly
or implicitly assumed in these statements or assumptions. Should one or more of
these risks and uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions
prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those described in
forward-looking statements. NORTHWEST OIL & GAS TRADING COMPANY, INC. is neither
commited to update this forward looking statements nor to amend them in the case
of an unexpected trend.

March 28th, 2013

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