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Benefit from the power of the sun - REPO floats photovoltaic bonds

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Company Information/Bonds

St. Veit an der Glan (euro adhoc) - 2 Corporate bonds 
- Floater: 12 month Euribor + 3% p.a./Duration 6.5 years/ volume up to EUR 1.25
- Stepped coupon bond: 7% p.a. in the first 5 years/ 8% p.a. in the sixth to
tenth years/ volume up to EUR 1.25 million
Minimum subscription amount EUR 50,000.-
Denomination EUR 10,000.-
Subscription period, from 15th. November 2011 to 30th.June 2012

REPO Renewable Power Operating GmbH, an internationally acting photovoltaic
power plant owner with its seat in St.Veit/Glan, Austria, is issuing its first 2
corporate bonds with a total volume of EUR 2.5 million to the market. The
Floater is offered with a variable interest rate over a period of 6.5 years. The
stepped coupon bond is offered with a fixed interest rate for 10 years. The
minimum subscription amount is 50,000EUR. Subscription can be made from the
15th.November 2011 to the 30th.June 2012 directly with the company
( and Ecofin, the authorised investment service provider.

REPO Renewable Power Operating GmbH realises and operates high-efficiency
photovoltaic large-scale power stations in central, southern and eastern Europe.
2 solar parks in Italy, having a total output of 1.7 MW, were connected to the
mains network in 2011. The bond capital is to be used to acquire and operate
additional turnkey solar power stations. REPO is planning a total power output
of 7 MW in 2012, primarily using new projects in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy and

"The bond is aimed both at the private investor and at the institutional
investor, who wants to invest actively in the energy of the future at
outstandingly attractive annual levels of return", says Robert Kanduth, founder
and sole owner of REPO. "Our investors profit from the close collaboration with
KIOTO Photovoltaics, Austria's leading PV module producer, and their
high-efficiency European quality modules, and our bundled and long-term know-how
in the growth market of photovoltaics", Kanduth went on to say. 

Overview of the bond offer

2 types of bond:
- variable-interest bond with a duration of 6.5 years ("Floater")
- fixed-interest stepped coupon bond with a duration of 10 years ("Stepped
coupon bond")
Issuer: REPO Renewable Power Operating GmbH
Project: Development, construction and operation of energy generation plant 
Focus: Solar in European countries
Subscription period: up to 30th. June 2012
Interest payment: 15th. November of the following year - 1st. payment 15th.
November 2012
Form of participation: Owner partial debenture with a fixed repayment rate
Denomination: EUR 10,000.00 - but with EUR 50,000.00 minimum subscription sum
Stock price: up to 15th. December 2011 issue at the nominal stock price,
thereafter monthly adjustment of the stock price
Issue surcharge: 3%
Repayment rate: 100%
Duration: 6.5 years (Floater) and 10 years (stepped coupon bond)
Interest: Floater: 12 month Euribor + 3% p.a. Stepped coupon bond: in the first
five years 7% p.a., in the sixth to tenth years 8% p.a.
Currency: EURO
- Floater: AT 0000A0S6C7
- Stepped coupon bond: AT 0000A0S6D5
Issue volume: in each case up to EUR 1.25 million - with the possibility of
increasing the volume by a further 200%
Paying agent: Volksbank GHB Kärnten AG

Further inquiry note:
Bond sales and consultation:

ECOfin Invest Consulting und Beteiligungs GmbH
Authorised investment service company
Mag. Anton Sgaga
T:  +43 4227 84966
F: +43 4227 84524
M: +43 664 5132907


REPO Renewable Power Operating GmbH
Managing Director: Dr. Adolf Rausch
M: +43 664 3900710
Managing Director: DI Ingram Eusch
T: +43 4212 28 300-430
Solarstrasse 1
9300 St. Veit an der Glan, Austria

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company:     REPO Renewable Power Operating GmbH
             Solarstraße  1
             A-9300 St. Veit an der Glan
phone:       +43(0)463 32 74 61 10
sector:      Energy
ISIN:        -, AT0000A0S6C7; AT0000A0S6D5
language:   English

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