results of exchange offer for S IMMO INVEST participating certificates

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S IMMO AG: results of exchange offer for S IMMO INVEST participating
With reference to the ad hoc release  of  19 May  2014,  S IMMO  AG  (Bloomberg:
SPI:AV, Reuters: SIAG.VI;  ISIN:  AT0000652250)  announces  that  the  voluntary
public offer to exchange the S IMMO  INVEST  participating  certificates  (ISIN:
AT0000795737 and ISIN: AT0000630694) listed on the  Vienna  Stock  Exchange  has
been accepted within the  acceptance  period  with  respect  to  655,908  S IMMO
INVEST participating certificates ISIN AT0000795737 and  783,128  S IMMO  INVEST
participating certificates ISIN AT0000630694, in total  therefore  with  respect
to 1,439,036 S IMMO INVEST participating certificates.  This  represents  63.09%
of the total S IMMO participating certificate capital  (ISIN:  AT0000795737  and
ISIN: AT0000630694).

Since the voluntary exchange offer was limited to the acquisition  of  1,140,000
S IMMO    INVEST    participating    certificates    (ISIN: AT0000795737     and
ISIN: AT0000630694), the over-subscription to the  exchange  offer  leads  to  a

reduction of the allotment in accordance with clause 5.5 of  the  terms  of  the
offer document. Under  these  rules  applicable  to  reductions,  the  offer  is
therefore  executed  with  respect  to  519,584  S IMMO   INVEST   participating

certificates ISIN AT0000795737 and  620,416  S IMMO  participating  certificates
ISIN AT0000630694.
After the exchange offer has been executed, S IMMO AG will cancel  the  acquired
participating certificates, with the result that the  number  of  S IMMO  INVEST
participating certificates outstanding will be reduced to 1,140,797.
On the basis of the number of S IMMO INVEST participating certificates  accepted
for  exchange,  the  volume  of  the  4.5%   S IMMO   bonds   2014-2021   (ISIN:

AT0000A177D2) will amount to EUR 89,739,500.
This announcement does not constitute an offer to buy securities  of  S IMMO  AG
and constitutes no  obligation  for  S  IMMO  AG  to  accept  offers  to  redeem
securities of S IMMO AG and/or to buy 4.5% S IMMO bonds 2014-2021. The  exchange
offer of the 4.5% S IMMO bonds 2014-2021 is already completed.

Further inquiry note:
Investor Relations:
Andreas J. Feuerstein
Phone: +43(0)50100-27556
Fax:  +43(0)05100-927556
E-mail: andreas.feuerstein@simmoag.at

Corporate Communications:
Bosko Skoko
Phone: +43(0)50100-27522
Fax:  +43(0)05100-927522
E-mail: bosko.skoko@simmoag.at

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issuer:      S IMMO AG 
             Friedrichstraße  10
             A-1010 Wien
phone:       +43(0)50100-27550
FAX:         +43(0)050100-927559
mail:     office@simmoag.at
WWW:      www.simmoag.at
sector:      Real Estate
ISIN:        AT0000652250
indexes:     ATX Prime, IATX
stockmarkets: official market: Wien 
language:   English

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