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Lonrho's Oceanfresh to Supply Walmart in the USA

London (ots/PRNewswire) - Lonrho's seafood division, Oceanfresh, is pleased to announce that its pure Hake Fillets will be sold in 500 Walmart stores in the U.S. beginning in October 2011.

The Oceanfresh Fillets come from wild caught, sustainably sourced, nutritious white Hake that is fished in the deep, cold, waters in the Benguela current off the coast of Southern Africa. Hake is a new line for Walmart and is an example of the retailer's commitment to offer the broadest assortment possible.

Walmart is committed to provide its customers with seafood from responsibly managed sustainable sources. The sustainable fishing policies operated by Oceanfresh in Southern Africa under the WWF SASSI program (World Wildlife Fund endorsed Southern Africa Sustainable Sourcing Initiative) were important issues for Walmart in choosing Oceanfresh as a supplier.

Oceanfresh is among the first South African companies to supply seafood to Walmart's U.S. operations. As a result of this new partnership with Walmart, Oceanfresh has expanded its production capabilities in South Africa and this contract will stimulate over one hundred new direct jobs and hundreds of new indirect jobs to meet the new Walmart orders.

David Lenigas, Lonrho's Executive Chairman commented :

Lonrho is delighted that Oceanfresh has been appointed as a fish supplier to the world's largest retailer Walmart.

Lonrho understands the importance of responsible fishing policies and prides itself on delivering the best quality products that are wild caught and from well managed and sustainable sources.

Lonrho's Oceanfresh division has been diligent in working with the World Wildlife Fund's sustainable sourcing program to ensure that fish stocks are properly managed and that catch quotas are within sustainable levels to maintain wild fish stocks for future generations.

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