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IBS AG Receives Customer Orders from Goerg & Schneider GmbH u. Co. KG

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Hoehr-Grenzhausen (euro adhoc) - IBS AG Receives Customer Orders from Goerg &
Schneider GmbH u. Co. KG

* Order for a software solution comprising quality (LIMS) and production (ODA)

* Implementation to lead to an improved flow of information, increased
productivity and defect avoidance 

* ROI target within one year 

Hoehr-Grenzhausen, 23rd August 2011: Goerg & Schneider GmbH u. Co. KG has been
in the business of trading and extracting clays, chamottes and ceramic materials
since 1924. Customers of Goerg & Schneider can be found in all areas of the
ceramics industry. Over 50 per cent of the company's exported products are
scattered across more than 20 countries, predominantly in Europe, North Africa
and the Middle East. Goerg & Schneider markets approximately 500,000 tons of
ceramic clays, raw chamottes, raw kaolin and ready-to-use ceramic materials.
The Goerg & Schneider corporate policy focuses, inter alia, on the consistent
high quality of its product range. In order to fulfil this quality policy, the
company introduced a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO
9001 in 1996 and this was adapted to conform with DIN ES ISO 9001:2000 in 2002.
Now, in 2011, Goerg & Schneider has opted for the implementation of a quality
management software solution.

"At Goerg & Schneider, quality assurance begins with the exploration of
deposits. Exploitable deposits are pegged out by means of core drilling. Strata
profiles in a system of coordinates with a maximum of 50m distance between the
drill holes provide information on the quality and quantity of the clay zones.
Later sampling at the face serves as production control", explains the company's
owner, industrial engineer Hartmut Goerg.

"Quality testing and assessment are performed continuously during the processing
of the different products, on the basis of representative samples, taken
directly from the material flow, largely by means of automatic samplers and
sample dividers. The essential parameters of the raw material specification
sheets are defined in accordance with DIN regulations, the recommendations of
the German Ceramic Society (DKG) and customer-specific agreements. Quality
management is carried out in our central laboratory, supported by IBS AG's
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)", continues Mr. Goerg.

"With Goerg & Schneider we have a new customer within close proximity - from the
Westerwald region - and we are particularly delighted about that", says Volker
Schwickert, Executive Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing at IBS,
commenting on the customer order.

"LIMS offers Goerg & Schneider a system for the efficient support of each of the
company's laboratory requirements, enabling, for example, the execution of raw
material checks, stability analyses and the examination of customer tolerances. 
A subsequent order incorporates the implementation of software-based operational
data acquisition (ODA). ODA offers full transparency of all detailed processes
in the company's operations in terms of the applied resources and degree of
utilisation. This leads to an optimisation of the production processes and thus
also cost reduction. The running production process is continuously monitored
and documented. Our software solution will lead to even greater process
transparency at Goerg & Schneider and thus further increase customer
satisfaction. Goerg & Schneider's current quality certification also ensures the
company a high degree of credibility", explains Volker Schwickert.

* * *

About IBS AG
IBS AG is a leading supplier of cross-company standard software systems and
consulting services for industrial quality, production, traceability and
compliance management. In keeping with the corporate philosophy "The
Productivity Advantage", IBS AG's Best Practice solutions contribute to a
sustainable boost in corporate productivity. IBS customers receive the support
of a team of experienced consultants and specialists throughout each phase of
the project and beyond. IBS AG, founded in 1982, today employs over 200
personnel in Europe, China and the USA. The Company is listed in the Prime
Standard of the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt/Main (ISIN DE0006228406) and
is also member of the GEX-German Entrepreneurial Index. IBS AG software
installations amount to over 4,000 worldwide and can be found at companies such
as Audi, Beam Global, BMW, BorgWarner, BOSCH, Caterpillar, Daimler, Electronic
Networks, FCI Automotive, Goodyear, Kimberly Clark, KEIPER, Liebherr, Magna
Automotive, Kautex Textron, Parker Hannifin, Procter & Gamble, Rock Tenn,
Porsche, Siemens, SMA Solar Technology, ThyssenKrupp and W.L. Gore.

* * *

In case of query: Public Relations IBS AG, Stefan Stroeder, Tel.: +49 (0)2624
-9180-475, E-mail: stefan.stroeder@ibs-ag.de 

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Further inquiry note:
Public Relations IBS AG, 
Stefan Stroeder, 
Tel.: +49 (0)2624 -9180-475, 
E-mail: stefan.stroeder@ibs-ag.de

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