Two '2 Way & Multi Use' 6D AUTOMATED Search 'TECHNOLOGY MAP' Beta Tools 6.0 & 7.0 Released at

Toronto (ots/PRNewswire) - Vez Inc. announced today, that any User can go to the Company website at to use the Two amazing new versions, the third and fourth editions of the "HYWY 101(c)" Knowledge Map released by Vez Inc. since late January, 2011.

The Two New, "Simple & Complex" Automated New 6D Classification & Organizing System tools, for automated thinking, learning, understanding and using All 800+ "Branches of Knowledge" in the "HYWY 101(c)" Knowledge Map, have been released.

The Company had released two printable versions previously and announced the pending release of the electronic versions. The new "Digitized" versions of the "HYWY 101(c)" Knowledge Map Search Tools, are for SIMPLE and COMPLEX search use. Users can do multiple "Main and Sub Branches" simultaneously, by adding the "Context, name or question", and results are delivered in one Click, free of advertizing, spam or pop-ups.

The "Auto Artificial Intelligence (AAI)" Search Tools for the Digitized "HYWY 101(c) Map" and the Knowledge in the Map, are examples of the Third, World "Classification" System ever created, and the first which has now been made widely available for use by everyone on the Planet, FREE. For Commercial use of All "HYWY 101(c)" MAPS, Tools, Information, Licencing Information is available at

The Company announced "Now that the Invention, of "2(2") Two Square Utilization" has occurred, as a result, the two tools can be used by themselves or together now and in the future, in incredible ways, to make Perfect Search Result Context Interfaces". This "System" is what has always been needed, for all General or Complex "Knowledge" Search, Storage, Archival, Cataloguing, Filing, Retrieval, and Utilization.

The Map was described as a "Perfect Multi-Dimensional, Living, Growing, System for all Human Knowledge". "This is not just a new 2D filing system like "Dewey", used by Librarians or even the U.S. Library of Congress filing system known by a handful of people alive, this works for everyone, everywhere, now."

Users can fully "Visualize Everything & Zoom in" (VEZ) using the Map and tools and automatically find and utilize the perfect way to express the "Context" of their "Query". For the first time in History users can "Click" and/or "Zoom" with a computer, to view, to see, to conceptualize easily, and automatically use, in two ways, the 18 Main Branches and 800+ Sub Branches, of the present version of the "HYWY 101(c)" Knowledge Map, and all its contents together, with all digitized knowledge on Earth, to learn anything.

Vez Inc. asked everyone to visit their website at, and instantly use any or all, but especially, the 2 New Digitized versions of the HYWY 101(c)" Knowledge Map, and /or to download the "New" HOME PRINTER EDITION, that can be printed, cut or folded, and assembled, to make a Large Poster for Home or School use, or to get a Large Poster Printed. The forthcoming version will include 20+ Main Branches (with People & Thought added) and 1,000+ Sub Branches.

The Company said "It would be making further announcements about hiring many, many, many new people to Build the Growing Versions of the "HYWY 101(c) Map."

"HYWY 101(c)" 2 New "ONLINE" Search Tools (

"HYWY 101(c)" "User Home" Printed Edition (

"HYWY 101(c)" "Large Commercial" POSTER Editions (

To obtain a $5.00 "PERPETUAL" Commercial User Licence, (

Or Visit, & Click the "Handshake" Symbol.

For further information: Go to Email Contact: Donald Cudmore P. Eng, MLitt.(Oxon) Telephone: +1-905-919-2273


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