"$1.00 Flat User Fee" for Perpetual Commercial User Licence Agreement Announced by Vez Inc. Available at ""

    Toronto (ots/PRNewswire) - The Company, Vez Inc. had previously announced several products, including the "Key to Knowledge" and the "Genius Switch", described as "An Automated way of thinking, learning, understanding and using knowledge."

    In addition, the Company had stated that Patent, Trade Mark and Copy Write applications had been filed and that non-profit use was free of charge, but that Commercial Users would have to obtain a Licence to use their Technology, Inventions and Intellectual Property, and an agreement would be available soon on the website at

    As a Reward to those Businesses that act before the upcoming Beta release of a Suite of new Products next week, the company has offered the Lowest Cost, Global, Universal, Commercial, Licence agreement in History.

    Never before has anyone offered a flat license fee with a 50% Permanent Bonus Discount to use their technology forever, let alone do it for $1.00 or any amount remotely close.

    Vez Inc. has encouraged everyone to download the HYWY 101(c)" Knowledge Map and Guide for free, and "begin to study and use it, so everyone could "Look, Learn, and Grow, Together."

    The late Fred Weibe had developed and perfected the Knowledge Map between 1981 and 1988. The Knowledge Map is a simple description of the "16 Main Branches of Knowledge" and the two new ways they are used together; using "Scientific" (Definition) and "General" (Category) description, in ascending time order. The wording, structure, and design are completely logical, and it conveys the comprehension of all knowledge, in an almost perfect way allowing instant understanding of everything. Dr. Isaac Asimov wrote that the Knowledge Compass represented a major scientific achievement.

    When the Company's products are interfaced with a device screen, users will be able to get a 4+ Dimensional Visualization, to see how all things connect, behind, through, like a matrix inside a sphere, which literally wraps around all knowledge and becomes a complete circle of logic displaying all the interrelations between all knowledge and all of the sciences. It can be printed on a single page or used on any other two Dimensional surface such as computer, phone or television display.

    To obtain a $1.00 Commercial User Licence, please click here ( or visit, and Click the Handshake Symbol, and sign in.

    To Download a pdf of the "HYWY 101(c)" KNOWLEDGE MAP, please click here (

    To request be notified of the advance release of new products, please, visit and subscribe to news ( or email

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      Contact: Donald Cudmore P. Eng, MLitt. (Oxon)
      Telephone: +1(905)919-2273

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