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MMS and GfK Close-in on Total Video Ratings Currency in Sweden

Germany (ots/PRNewswire)

One of the leading TV media currencies worldwide, MMS - which measures the moving image in Sweden - has released its digital ad ratings service. The service covers video advertisements on broadcasters' websites and apps viewed across PC, smartphone, tablet and smart TV. It is built upon GfK's data integration and data science capabilities that fuse MMS's multi-source data streams into actionable currency.

The data is delivered to Sweden's market daily via MMS's ad analytics web application. It gives a holistic view of ad campaign impressions, de-duplicated cross-device reach, and rich target group definitions.

The joint project started in 2015, with MMS and GfK establishing a partnership which produces tightly integrated data as well as true innovations in data science.

The underlying data integration model is a tailored version of GfK's proven audience modeling platform (AAM). One of the key features is the daily assembly of data streams from four data providers, who deliver panel, profile and census level datasets.

A break-through innovation within GfK's audience modeling approach enables the vast amounts of census measurement data.

MMS and GfK drive towards a Total Video Currency

The next step in the MMS-GfK drive towards a Total Video Currency is the integration of linear TV data with the digital ad rating service. This will enable preeminent tracking of video consumption across TV, smart TV, PC, smartphone and tablet.

Magnus Anshelm, CEO of MMS, comments, "Our challenge was this: We already have successful data streams covering all the necessary audience measurement areas, but these come from a number of different sources and companies. Bringing these together into a single data set is the obvious improvement - but assigning a single supplier to start producing all the various measurement systems from new would not be cost effective. Instead, we have commissioned GfK to create the processes that will accurately fuse our existing data streams as they come in, producing our ultimate aim of a Total Video Currency."

Stefan Raum, Global Head of Media Measurement at GfK, adds, "Markets need solid and comprehensive currencies. We are proud that MMS selected GfK as their partner for Sweden's TV market. These processes that allow integrated analytics of data from all relevant sources are key to the dynamic development of video markets around the world."

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Amanda Martin
Global PR

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