OK Klausenrennen

The Klausen Race 2013 in the Footsteps of the Racing Legends - the New Generation

Linthal/Switzerland (ots) - Under the leadership of Fritz Trümpi, a new era has dawned for this internationally renowned and unrivalled mountain race for old timers from all categories. Thus the race and the associated automobile culture can be carried on by a new generation with a new spirit of the times. Worthwhile traditions and innovation form the solid basis of the best historic mountain race worldwide.

Prologue in Altdorf and Linthal in 2012

One year before the re-launch of the International Klausen Race an inter-cantonal prologue will take place in Altdorf and Linthal. In Altdorf, the historic fast cars of the Klausen races of the 1930s and 1940s will be presented as well as the cars of the future. During a show run to Linthal, 120 vehicles will start at Urnerboden in individual starts every 30 sec with a speed limit of 49.9 km/h. Here all members of the media will be invited to a media conference and will be informed about the event.

International Klausen Race 2013

The internationally organised Klausen Race is the new version of the legendary historic races of the 1920s and 1930s. Fewer categories, a compact programme, a presentation of top fast cars in Glarus and Altdorf and a new vehicle centre at the former spinning mill in Linthal are the features of the new launch in 2013. As in the nineteen twenties when the first Klausen Race served to demonstrate the performance of the vehicles at that time, the next Klausen Race should demonstrate the spirit of innovation. Besides the old timers in their own categories, a new feature is the inclusion of vehicles with trend-setting new engine technologies. A motivated organising committee comprising trusty and well tried old members and new forces guarantee an innovative and attractive event of this worldwide unique race in 2013.


Organising Commitee of the Klausen Race
Caroline Trümpi-Althaus
Presse Office
Bahnhofstrasse 1
CH-8783 Linthal

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