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Pevion's shareholders elect Jean-Paul Prieels, former Head Research GSK Vaccines, to its Board

Ittigen / Berne, Switzerland (ots) - Pevion Biotech AG today announced that Jean-Paul Prieels has joined its Board of Directors. Until January 2011, Dr. Prieels was Senior Vice President Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals.

Jean-Paul Prieels joined GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals in 1987 as Associate Director R&D Projects Evaluation. His responsibilities gradually expanded to lead the global vaccine R&D development activities in Rixensart, Belgium. His career spans from basic research to process and product development. More specifically, he was instrumental in developing several now commercially available vaccines, such as rotavirus, human papilloma virus (HPV), pneumococcal conjugates and others. Currently, Dr. Prieels is a Board member of Immune Health and from 2000-2008 was a Board member of Henogen. Since 2007 he is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Singapore Bioprocessing Technology Institute. He graduated from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, and holds a PhD in Biochemistry.

"I am impressed by Pevion's virosome-based technology platform, as well as, its team and potential. I eagerly look forward to contributing my expertise in vaccine development", said Jean-Paul Prieels following his election to the Board of Pevion.

"Due to his extensive scientific expertise and long track record, Dr. Prieels is an ideal candidate to join Pevion and I am very pleased that he has accepted a seat on the Board of Directors" said Didier Hoch, Chairman of the Board.

"I warmly welcome Jean-Paul to our Board of Directors," said Evert Kueppers, CEO of Pevion. "Dr Prieels has a long, distinguished career in vaccine development, resulting in products that are now being used throughout the world. He will give us important input, especially for earlier portfolio decisions. Jean-Paul Prieels and Didier Hoch, who was recently elected as Chairman and is a specialist for Pevion's clinical stage Candida vaccine, will complement one another perfectly".

About Pevion Biotech AG Pevion Biotech AG is a fully independent Swiss vaccine company that develops innovative vaccines for unmet medical needs based on its clinically and commercially validated virosome technology. Its proprietary clinical pipeline includes a first-in-class candidiasis vaccine. A clinical stage malaria vaccine candidate has been successfully out-licensed, and the Company's technology has been licensed for use as an HIV vaccine currently in human trials. Pevion has in-house development capability and expertise, including a state- of-the-art and industrially scalable GMP manufacturing process. Located near Bern, Pevion was established by its founding fathers, Bachem AG (SWX: BANB) and Berna Biotech (now Crucell, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary). To date, Pevion has raised a total of CHF 45 million to date from its founders and investors, BZ Bank, CCP and BB Biotech Ventures.

About Virosomes Virosomes are the only regulatory and market-approved vaccine technology to fulfill carrier and adjuvant functions in one. Essentially, virosomes represent reconstituted empty influenza virus envelopes, devoid of the genetic material of the source virus. As such, virosomes do not replicate and are therefore an ideal combination of carrier plus adjuvant for almost any given antigen, including peptide or protein derived antigens. The technology allows the surface display and delivery of difficult antigens and thereby provides access to new indications and markets. Two virosome-based vaccines (Epaxal® and Inflexal® V, marketed by Crucell Switzerland AG) are licensed in over 40 countries, and more than 70 million doses of these vaccines have been commercially distributed, thereby providing a solid safety and efficacy track record.


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