At the heart of companies: The translation company TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. translates texts directly in the User Interface

Winterthur (ots) - For once Vitodata, a leading provider of software solutions in the field of medical information technology, did not have an IT problem ? the problem at hand was a language problem. The successful enterprise headquartered in Oberohringen in the Canton of Zurich was looking for an experienced translation partner to translate the sophisticated and technical vocabulary of its software solutions into a range of languages.

To further promote the growth of Vitodata in the Italian and French speaking regions the company had to have the user interface for its software solutions translated into the respective languages. No easy task ? in two respects: First of all this required translators who are acquainted with the specific medical vocabulary of the target language while simultaneously capable of implementing their translations into the respective application of Vitodata on site. Accordingly, this required not only specialist knowledge but also social skills to cooperate directly with the client. The project thus entailed the highest standards of knowledge, creativity and flexibility.

During the initial talks between Vitodata and TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. it quickly became clear that there was a need for creative solutions. At this stage of the talks it was not even possible to quantify the volume of the translations required. What is more, TRANSLATION PROBST Ltd. could not access a Translation Memory, as it was only possible to translate directly into the Vitodata application. A very exciting project which required considerable experience. The corporate philosophy of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. presupposes a personal and close relationship with the client, which was put to the test during the talks with Vitodata. Thus it became clear that to embark on this challenging endeavour Vitodata had found the right partner in TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd.

TRANSLATION-PROBST LTD. then proceeded to work out normative guidelines for the project together with Vitodata and to assign suitable specialist translators to the project with the necessary expertise in the medical field. More than ten years of experience and numerous digital translation projects proved very useful during this translation project. The translators assigned were able to implement their translations only by means of the client's tools. At times the translation contexts were unclear, which made it necessary to coordinate and clarify these with Vitodita directly. Our close cooperation nonetheless allowed us to overcome even this hurdle. Asked if they would decide to collaborate with the same translation company again in future, Peter Otto of Vito Data responded: ?The flexibility of TRANSLATION-PROBST Ltd. was confirmed during the course of the entire project. TRANSLATION-PROBST LTD. offered full personal support which contributed significantly to the success. The strategy that was chosen worked out, and Vitodata now has all the necessary translations of its software in place and can thus drive its growth throughout Switzerland.?


TRANSLATION-PROBST LTD. is the only translation company in Switzerland to be certified by the Swiss government. The company employs native specialist translators translating into their mother tongue who come with the necessary expertise in the specialist fields required. Thanks to impeccable proofreading of the texts, performed by professors/lecturers wherever possible, the client receives a unique quality guarantee. Another service offers a special added value in the case of website translations: texts are comfortably implemented in the CMS directly via Plug-in. This helps the client save time and money.


Roman Probst
Kommunikation FH & CAS Digital Marketing
Filialen in Schaffhausen und Lausanne
Telefon 0840 123 456


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