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15.05.2013 – 14:00

High-Tech Bridge SA

Web Security: High-Tech Bridge launches ImmuniWeb® Beta (Picture)

Web Security: High-Tech Bridge launches ImmuniWeb® Beta (Picture)
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Geneva, Switzerland (ots)

High-Tech Bridge SA, a leading Swiss information security ( www.htbridge.com/pages/services/ ) company recognized as one of the market leaders and best service providers in the ethical hacking industry by Frost & Sullivan in 2012, is pleased to introduce ImmuniWeb® Beta.

ImmuniWeb® ( www.htbridge.com/immuniweb/ ) is a next-generation web application security assessment solution with Software-as-a-Service delivery model. It is a unique hybrid of cutting-edge web security scanner and accurate manual web application penetration test ( www.htbridge.com/pages/services/penetration_tests.html ).

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge, says: "Today many SMBs are unfairly prevented from securing their websites due to budget, internal technical skills or administrative restrictions. We are glad to launch our innovative SaaS ImmuniWeb® that enables SMBs to secure their websites in simple, efficient and cost-affordable manner. Starting today the service will run in Beta mode during some time in order to get feedback from our customers and probably add some additional features and options they will consider useful."

Marsel Nizamutdinov, Chief Security Research Officer at High-Tech Bridge, adds: "I am very glad that after several years of our hard work we can finally announce the launch of ImmuniWeb®. This will enable anyone to benefit from our skills, experience and research in the domain of web application security. Moreover, other similar products that make information security simple, efficient and fair are currently being developed. Our Corporate Management invests a lot into Research and Development and will continue to do so in the future to assure permanent growth and innovation."

ImmuniWeb® Beta is currently available to the holders of Invite Codes distributed by High-Tech Bridge. It is also possible to leave a request for Invite Code on ImmuniWeb® Portal ( https://portal.htbridge.com/support/nonauthenticated/ ).


Mr. Patrick TRAN, Senior Business Developer
Tel.: +41/22/560'68'43
E-Mail: press@htbridge.com
Web: www.htbridge.com/immuniweb/

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