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03.04.2017 – 11:07

KA Finanz AG

EANS-News: KA Finanz AG
Result for the year 2016: Active portfolio wind-down continued

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annual report

* Portfolio of risk positions reduced by EUR 1.1 billion to EUR 9.6 billion
* Average rating unchanged at A, non-performing-loan ratio down to 0.1%
* Solid capital base: total capital ratio 20.7%, CET 1 ratio 17.2%

(Vienna, 3 April 2017) - KA Finanz AG (KF) continued to actively manage its
portfolio throughout 2016. Apart from scheduled maturities and redemptions, KF
continued to focus on targeted wind-down measures, always with a view to a
potential reversal of impairments and a minimum outflow of capital resources. In
the course of the year, KF succeeded in reducing its risk positions by
EUR 1.1 billion to EUR 9.6 billion as at 31 December 2016. The average rating of
the portfolio remained unchanged at A, while the non-performing-loan (NPL) ratio
dropped to 0.1%.
As in previous years, KF's funding structure had a predominantly short-term
orientation; a EUR 500 million covered bond was redeemed on schedule in
February 2016. The liquidity guarantees provided by the Republic of Austria
under the Financial Markets Stability Act remained unchanged at EUR 4.5 million,
covering 41% of the senior funding volume at the end of the year.
KF has a solid capital base of EUR 545.0 million, including EUR 453.0 million in
common equity tier 1 according to Basel III. In comparison with 2015, this
corresponds to a slightly improved total capital ratio of 20.7% and a CET 1
ratio of 17.2%. Thus, KF's capital ratios continue to be significantly above the
regulatory minimum criteria.
Result for the year 2016
The after-tax result for the year, pursuant to the Austrian Company Code/
Austrian Banking Act, was negative at EUR -28.0 million, which was due, in
particular, to guarantee fees paid by KF to the Republic of Austria for
liquidity guarantees (EUR -40.9 million), as well as contributions to the Bank
Resolution Fund (EUR -3.7 million). After costs incurred for early portfolio
runoff and taking into account the result of re-valuations, KF's risk provisions
constitute a risk buffer in a total amount of EUR 146.3 million. KF's total
assets were reduced to EUR 11.9 billion in 2016.
Guarantee fees
As in the previous year, KF did not require any capital support from the
Republic of Austria in 2016. The total volume of capital support measures by the
Republic of Austria was reduced by EUR 41.1 million to a net amount of
EUR 2.09 billion in 2016. This reduction was due to guarantee fees in the amount
of EUR 40.9 million paid by KF in 2016 for the guaranteed commercial paper
programme and a government-guaranteed bond in the reporting year, as well as the
reduction of a government surety by EUR 0.2 million to its current level of
EUR 4.2 million.
Guarantee fees in a gross amount of EUR 747.6 million were paid by KF over the
period from its take-over by the Republic of Austria until 31 December 2016.
After deduction of the restructuring contributions in the amount of
EUR 210.0 million made by the Republic of Austria up to the end of 2011, net
guarantee fees paid amount to a total of EUR 537.6 million.

Portfolio structure and wind-down
KF's risk portfolio in a total volume of EUR 9.6 billion comprises
EUR 4.7 billion in loans, EUR 3.6 billion in securities, EUR 0.5 billion in CDS/
guarantees (remaining CDS exposure exclusively to Austria), and EUR 0.7 billion
in interest-rate and currency hedging derivatives.
Overall, KF's portfolio has an average rating of A (rating scale according to
Standard & Poor's/Fitch), with EUR 8.8 billion or 92.0% of the total portfolio
rated investment grade (BBB- or higher) and EUR 4.9 billion or 51.0% rated AAA/
AA. The non-performing-loan (NPL) ratio has dropped from 1.7% to 0.1%. Hidden
burdens as at 31 December 2016 amounted to EUR 1.15 billion.
In the course of 2016, risk positions in a total amount of EUR 1.1 billion were
eliminated, including EUR 161.4 million through active wind-down measures and
another EUR 728.7 million through scheduled and early redemptions; the rest of
the reduction was due to the termination of derivative contracts. Altogether, KF
has succeeded in winding down risk positions in a total amount of
EUR 25.7 billion since the beginning of the restructuring process.
As at 31 December 2016, KF had a funding volume (excluding own funds) of
EUR 10.9 billion; EUR 6.4 billion or 59% thereof was raised independently and
without recourse to government support measures. Although conditions for
Austrian banks in the capital market improved slightly in the second half of the
year after the Republic of Austria came to an arrangement with the creditors of
Heta Asset Resolution AG, KF refrained from further bond issues for the time
being and raised money primarily in the money market and through short-term
commercial paper issues.
Considering the high volatility of the financial markets, caused by the major
political events of the past year (Brexit, presidential elections in the USA),
and the expectation that the atmosphere of uncertainty in the euro area will
persist on account of the forthcoming elections in Germany and France, KF has
already begun to analyse the impact of these political developments on the risk
position of its entire portfolio. Consequently, KF's active wind-down measures
will be focused on portfolio components outside the bank's former core markets
(Austria, the EU core countries and Switzerland). Debt instruments in a total
volume of approx. EUR 912 million will fall due and/or be redeemed on schedule
in 2017. As in previous years, the potential reversal of impairments and a
minimum outflow of capital resources will be essential criteria to be considered
in the wind-down of risk positions.
KF will continue to raise short-term funding primarily in the money market and/
or through commercial paper issues. At the same time, current and future
regulatory requirements regarding the liquidity of banks have to be taken into
account in the reorientation of KF's funding structure.
KF again expects to close 2017 with a negative operating result. However, given
its solid capitalisation, KF does not expect to require any additional capital
support from the Republic of Austria.
The Annual Report can be downloaded at

(pursuant to the Austrian Banking Act)

Assets                             31/12/2016                 31/12/2015
in EUR
1. Cash and balances with              417,723,204.87             647,634,690.25
   central banks
2. Public-sector debt                                                           
   instruments eligible
   collateral for central              453,492,707.47             470,661,762.74
   bank funding
   Public-sector debt
   instruments and similar             453,492,707.47             470,661,762.74
3. Loans and advances to             2,307,268,481.41           2,228,169,082.54
   a) repayable on demand            2,191,570,894.76           2,128,657,491.01
   b) other receivables                115,697,586.65              99,511,591.53
4. Loans and advances to             6,780,769,723.14           7,160,349,731.47
5. Bonds and other fixed-            1,731,937,905.10           3,566,750,294.17
   income securities
   a) of public issuers                777,174,428.74             858,848,018.43
   b) of other issuers                 954,763,476.36           2,707,902,275.74
        of which:                                                               
        own bonds                                0.00           1,560,690,836.07
6. Participations                               70.00                      70.00
        of which:                                                               
        in banks                                 0.00                       0.00
7. Property, plant and                      70,801.44                  70,801.44
8. Other assets                        203,270,564.60             241,245,633.08
9. Accruals/deferrals                   55,026,358.55              76,191,901.18
   Total assets                     11,949,559,816.58          14,391,073,966.87
   Off-balance-sheet items                                                      
1. Foreign assets                    8,651,714,718.17           8,971,481,397.02

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