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07.05.2013 – 15:00

Bacula Systems SA

Bacula Systems Releases Innovative Deduplication Otpimized Volumes Feature

Yverdon-Les-Bains (ots)

With its new Deduplication Volumes feature, Bacula Systems offers the best of deduplication via the convergence of compressing filesystems and fixed-block deduplicating systems technologies. Depending on data, dedupe ratios can be 10:1, 20:1 or even higher.

Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland - Bacula Systems® (http://www.baculasystems.com/), the world's leading provider of commercial open source backup and restore software, announced today the availability of its Deduplication Volumes (http://www.presseportal.ch/go2/bacula_deduplication-volumes) feature, adding another revolutionary component to Bacula Enterprise Edition v6[TM] (http://www.baculasystems.com/products/bacula-enterprise).

The release continues Bacula System's commitment to offering a highly scalable (http://www.baculasystems.com/products/bacula-enterprise), modern, open source backup and restore solution for enterprises and MSPs, through accelerated development of the Bacula project, muliple plugins, and by delivering highest quality professional support (http://www.baculasystems.com/support) to the IT industry.

With this feature, Bacula Systems offers Universal Deduplication Volumes capabilities where the backup data is stored in a manner that permits any deduplicating storage device or filesystems to efficiently remove redundant data.

The advantages of Deduplication Volumes lie in the reduction of storage space required to store data AND the fact that storing data can be much faster since blocks of data are replaced by pointers to the existing location of the block stored on disk.

Bacula's universal support for deduplicating systems means that inexpensive deduplication technologies that were previously unsuitable for backup data (ZFS, NetApp), can now be leveraged for backups, leading to major cost savings.This feature also brings enterprises and MSPs (http://www.presseportal.ch/go2/bacula_MSP) a huge gain in resources and time.

Furthermore, this technology is included in Bacula Enterprise Edition (https://www.baculasystems.com/products/bacula-enterprise/features) without extra charge (starting at Silver subscription level (https://www.baculasystems.com/support/subscriptions)) and is brought to the Corporate world without capacity based licensing!

Deduplication Volumes is supported with:

- Nexenta Systems OpenStorage Appliances
- NetApp Data ONTAP 8.0.1 and higher
- Oracle / Sun ZFS Storage Appliances
- WhiteBearSolutions® (WBSgo®) WBSAirback® Appliances
- ZFS on Linux (64-bit only) 

"With this Deduplication Volumes feature and its universal aspect, Bacula Systems opens great possibilities to the many ZFS appliance vendors worldwide, to give their customers all the benefits of deduplication without the costs that were incurred until our announcement today" outlined Aristide Caraccio, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Bacula Systems.

With Bacula now having passed the 2 million download milestone, more enterprise and MSPs have adopted Bacula Enterprise Edition. On the OEM front, WhiteBearSolutions® (WBSgo®) (http://www.whitebearsolutions.com/index_en.html) has chosen to include Bacula System's Deduplication Volumes feature into their Unified Storage System appliance offering: WBSAirback®. "With the new Bacula Enterprise Deduplication Volumes feature, the in-line deduplication capacity from WBSAirback Unified Storage module and the other functionalities integrated in the WBSAirback Enterprise Protection module based on Bacula Enterprise, we have an Enterprise Solution that enables our customers to reduce dramatically the TCO associated with data protection", says Ignacio Gilart, Co-Founder of WhiteBearSolutions® (WBSgo®).

"The time and difficulty of the work we had to go through have been nicely rewarded by the astounding reduction of disk space needed to store data that can be obtained by using Deduplication Volumes" said Kern Sibbald, CTO, Bacula Systems. "With our Universal Deduplication Volume (http://www.presseportal.ch/go2/bacula_deduplication-volumes) solution we continue our strategy of positioning Bacula Enterprise Edition as the preeminent solution for enterprises and MSPs worldwide, and doing so at a fraction of the cost of traditional license based vendors. Today's deduplication ratios are among the best in the industry, at a fraction of their cost, and we expect that advances in deduplication techniques as well as further enhancements to our code will produce even better results in the future", added Sibbald.

About Bacula Systems:

Bacula Systems provides the highest quality support, training and professional services for the Bacula open-source backup and recovery software platform.

First released in 2002, Bacula has eliminated the high cost and vendor lock-in of proprietary software for thousands of enterprises, MSPs, government agencies and educational institutions around the globe.

Headquartered in Switzerland with offices in the US, Germany, Italy and France, Bacula Systems was founded by the developers of Bacula in response to growing demand for professional support and services to match the quality of the open source Bacula software. More information at http://www.baculasystems.com

About WBSgo:

WhiteBearSolutions® (WBSgo®), headquartered in Madrid, is an IT company that develops open source appliance solutions for a wide range of companies. Launched in 2003, and belonging to the major Spanish IT group, Cibernos Group, it has two main products - WBSVision®, a security solution for identity and access management, and WBSAirback®, an unified system for managing and protecting data.

WBSAirback® is a new generation of appliance solution that includes functionality capable of managing heterogeneous storage to be used as dedupe primary storage or dedupe backup repository, as well as functionality for managing backup life cycles (based on Bacula Enterprise Edition[TM]). These possibilities are managed through a web interface in a simple way, hiding the technical and conceptual complexities of such services. More information at http://www.whitebearsolutions.com/index_en.html

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.All names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Aristide Caraccio
Bacula Systems Switzerland
Tel.: +41/21/641'60'80
E-Mail: aristide.caraccio@baculasystems.com

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