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20.05.2009 – 10:35

ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics

New Data Demonstrate Advanced Features of Hydrofiber(R) Technology

Helsinki (ots/PRNewswire)

- In Vitro Studies Presented at EWMA Conference Compare ConvaTec
Dressings With Foams and Alginates (1-4)
Researchers with ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics presented a series
of in vitro studies demonstrating the advanced features and fluid
handling capacity of the company's proprietary dressings containing
Hydrofiber(R) Technology this week at the 19th Conference of the
European Wound Management Association.
Developed by ConvaTec, a world-leading provider of innovative
medical technologies for community and hospital care, dressings
containing Hydrofiber(R) Technology, including AQUACEL(R) and
Versiva(R) XC(TM) dressing, gel on contact with wound fluid to
provide a moist wound healing environment, manage exudate, protect
the periwound skin(5) and reduce pain in situ and on removal.(6,7,8)
With the inclusion of ionic silver, AQUACEL(R) Ag dressing provides
on demand antimicrobial activity, responding to increased bacteria
with increased silver ion availability.(9,10*)
In the laboratory studies presented, researchers demonstrated a
range of beneficial properties enabled by the unique gelling action
of Hydrofiber(R) Technology. In one test comparing the fluid
absorption and retention capabilities of AQUACEL(R) dressing against
three alginates, researchers found the dressing containing
Hydrofiber(R) Technology absorbed more fluid and, when under
pressure, retained a higher proportion of fluid than the alginate
A further laboratory test showed how the ability of Hydrofiber(R)
Technology to conform and contour to irregular wound surfaces could
reduce wound bioburden, and may make dressing application and removal
easier and less painful.(11)
Comparing AQUACEL(R) Ag dressing to a nanocrystalline silver
coated dressing, the test examined the antimicrobial activity of
moistened dressings on plates indented and inoculated with
methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). After 24 hours,
AQUACEL(R) Ag dressing produced zones of >90% that were clear of
bacterial growth whilst the clearance zone for the comparator silver
dressing was <10%.(2)
"As these and other studies have demonstrated, the unique gelling
action of Hydrofiber(R) Technology drives the performance of ConvaTec
advanced dressings, absorbing and 'locking in' exudate and its
harmful components and contouring closely to uneven wound surfaces,"
said Michael Lydon, Vice President, Global Research and Development.
In a separate in vitro study, ConvaTec researchers also
demonstrated how the composition of exudate can dramatically affect a
dressing's moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR).(4) Vapour
transmission (or evaporation from the dressing surface), along with
absorption, retention and sequestration, are the modes of action by
which modern dressings handle wound fluid.(12)
*The amount of silver released is controlled by the maximum
concentration of silver that can enter solution.
Using serum solutions to simulate normal and viscous "sloughy"
wound exudate alongside the standard saline solution test,
researchers compared the MVTR of a foam dressing to Versiva(R) XC(TM)
"gelling foam" dressing. Results showed that the MVTR of the
traditional foam dressing decreased by more than 60% when using the
serum vs. saline solution over 24 hours, and by a further 40% when
using a gelatinous serum vs. simulated normal wound exudate over 72
hours. In contrast, the MVTR for Versiva(R) XC(TM) dressing stayed
constant, regardless of the solution used.(4)
"These data strongly suggest that vapour transmission rates based
on saline testing are an inaccurate measurement for how a dressing
might handle exudate in a clinical setting, and re-emphasizes the
importance of considering all aspects of a dressing's fluid handling
capacity to achieve an optimal moist healing environment," added
Advanced Wound Dressings Containing Hydrofiber(R) Technology from
Hydrofiber(R) Technology is a pure polymeric sodium
carboxymethylcellulose derived from natural cellulose and spun into
fibres. Upon contact with wound exudate, fluid is absorbed directly
into the fibres, which coalesce to form a cohesive gel.
AQUACEL(R) and AQUACEL(R) Ag Dressings are soft, absorbent
non-woven wound dressings based on Hydrofiber(R) Technology.
Indicated for a wide range of moderate-to-highly exuding acute and
chronic wounds, AQUACEL(R) and AQUACEL(R) Ag Dressings come in a
variety of shapes, sizes and formats. AQUACEL(R) Ag Dressings also
provide the broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties of ionic silver,
which kills a broad range of pathogens in the dressings, including
MRSA and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE).(9)
Versiva(R) XC(TM) Gelling Foam Dressings consist of three
- A waterproof polyurethane layer that protects the wound from external
      contaminants and manages moisture vapour transmission of exudates
      absorbed by the dressing.
    - An absorptive, non-woven, fibrous layer of Hydrofiber(R) Technology.
    - A thin non-adhesive wound contact layer. In the Adhesive formulation a
      gentle hydrocolloid adhesive border allows for secure retention.
Versiva(R) XC(TM) Dressings come in convenient shapes for a
variety of wound types, and can be used as primary or secondary
dressings, alone or in combination with other wound care products.
ConvaTec Dressings containing Hydrofiber(R) Technology have been
studied in numerous randomized clinical trials across a variety of
chronic and acute wounds, including pressure ulcers, leg ulcers,
diabetic foot ulcers, partial thickness (second degree) burns and
surgical incisions.
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