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AleXora watches: Breaking the daily round

AleXora watches: Breaking the daily round

    Zurich (ots) - Wrist watches are usually produced in a round or rectangular shape. The Swiss watch maker AleXora is now departing from this convention and releasing their new collection of triangle shaped watches at the BASEL WORLD 2009 Watch and Jewellery Show.

    We live in times of change - this has an effect on the way we perceive design and style. For decades, wrist watches have been produced exclusively in a round or rectangular shape. Rarely do watches depart from this custom. The Swiss watch makers AleXora have decided to go a completely different path in regards to design and have chosen the triangle as the shape for their new range of watches.

    AleXora is a brand of long tradition and was established in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1876. The newly presented models embody a continuation of this traditional history. With their triangle shaped watches, AleXora presents an up-to-date interpretation of the number three as a pillar of their current collection: innovation, aesthetics and quality. Committing themselves to their history, much attention was spent to a high standard of quality at their release: The stainless steel watches comprise sapphire glass and genuine mother-of-pearl dials. They are water resistant up to 5 ATM and the straps, made of high grade leather, are equipped with folding buckles. The jewelled models carry genuine diamonds.

    The number three plays a decisive role in various cultures - its historic origins go back a long way. The Egyptians for example viewed the number three as a foundation for life - time was manifested as the past, present and future. Divine triads have always been important pillars throughout history, not only in the Christian Trinity but in Hinduism and Buddhism as well. AleXora's triangle watches symbolise a unifying message of diverse cultures.

    The AleXora collection is composed of six models in a price range between 390-790 Euros and is available at specialised shops from early summer.

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