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Launch of - The only global "Digital-out-of-Home" online planning and booking platform

    Geneva (ots) - Neo Booking SA, is launching the first global online planning and booking platform for "digital-out-of-home" advertising, called BookingDooH ( ).

    BookingDooh is a free virtual marketplace for Digital-out-of-Home operators and media buyers. The platform provides a clear and simple insight into the DooH business and proposes innovative workflow processes for advertisers on the DooH market.

    With the launch of the BookingDooh platform, Digital-out-of-Home advertising is entering a new era. BookingDooH will bring additional revenues to network operators and at the same time allow media buyers to drastically simplify the set up of their DooH campaigns. BookingDooH proposes thousands of screen displays on a single platform and organizes them by geographical location, type of venues and screen formats.

    Among others, Neo Advertising, the leading Digital-out-of-Home group in Europe, is already a registered member of the BookingDooH platform and relies on the online booking process for its entire network.

    Today, BookingDooH has an inventory of already 49 networks with more than 50,000 screens in 13 countries and the figures are growing steadily. A vast choice of Points of Sales, Points of Wait and Points of Transit is proposed to every advertiser so that a relevant network for a specific campaign can quickly be found. The platform's commercial launch will be kicked-off by an online promotional campaign, beginning in March 2009.

    Alexandre de Senger, Managing Director of BookingDooH, says: "We are very excited about the recent developments of BookingDooH. The modifications on the platform will lead to even more simplicity and transparency for the user. At the same time, the international success we have had during the last weeks is seminal for BookingDooH's future."

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