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Cambridge Cognition Welcomes the Launch of the First National Dementia Strategy

Cambridge, England (ots/PRNewswire)

- UK Strategy Underlines the Importance of Early Detection in the
Care of Dementia and Alzheimer's Patients
Cambridge Cognition Ltd, developers of a clinical diagnostic
product that provides early warning of neurodegenerative conditions
including Alzheimer's, welcomes the launch of the National Dementia
Strategy. The strategy, unveiled yesterday by Health Secretary, Alan
Johnson and Phil Hope, the Care Services Minister, focuses on three
key themes: improving public and professional awareness; early
diagnosis and intervention; and improving quality of care.
The development of the strategy comes in response to growing
concerns over the lack of effective diagnosis and treatment for
dementia, a condition suffered by approximately 700,000 Britons, most
of whom have Alzheimer's disease.
Current dementia assessment techniques are subjective and time
consuming, representing a considerable drain on both financial and
human resources. By contrast, Cambridge Cognition's CANTAB(R), the
world's leading cognitive testing product for the diagnosis and
assessment of important mental health diseases including Alzheimer's
disease, is a highly sensitive, objective and cost-effective
Developed at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Cognition's
Paired Associate Learning (PAL) test is widely recognised as being
the leading technology for detecting the clinical signs of early
stage dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment, as well as accurately
differentiating between demented and healthy patients and those
suffering from depression.
Dr Andrew Blackwell, Chief Scientific Officer of Cambridge
Cognition, commented: "The devices and tests developed by Cambridge
Cognition will assist clinicians in the challenging task of
differentiating patients with the early signs of dementia from the
'worried well'. This technology will significantly improve clinical
outcomes for older adults experiencing memory problems."
Ian Harris, CEO of Cambridge Cognition, said: "We are delighted
with the launch of this strategy, which should make an incredible
difference to the lives of people with AD and other forms of
dementia. Early detection of dementia is vital to improving the
quality of patient care and we look forward to playing a leading role
in these important health reforms."
Notes for Editors
About Cambridge Cognition Ltd.
Cambridge Cognition develops and markets CANTAB(R), the world's
leading cognitive testing product for the diagnosis and assessment of
important mental health diseases including Alzheimer's, Depression,
Schizophrenia and ADHD. The computerised neuropsychological tests in
CANTAB(R) are outstandingly sensitive and extensively validated, with
a bibliography of over 600 peer-reviewed journal papers. Based in
Cambridge, England, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cambridge Cognition
Ltd supplies its products and services to the pharmaceutical industry
and academic researchers across the globe.
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