Turkcell Technology Becomes one of the Decision Makers in Europe's R&D Arena

Istanbul (ots/PRNewswire) - Turkcell , the leading communications and technology company in Turkey is delighted to announce that its fully-owned subsidiary, and one of Turkey's technology centers, Turkcell Technology, has been elected into the Board of Directors of a Cooperation Platform, namely ITEA 2. ITEA 2 was established in the interests of sustaining the competitive capacity of R&D in Europe, and is capable of shaping the future of the continent. In addition to Turkcell Technology, global technology giants such as Nokia, Telefonica, Philips, Daimler, Siemens and Bosch also have seats on the Board.

Turkcell Technology CEO Semih Incedayi commented: "We believe that being unanimously elected to ITEA 2's Board of Directors, thanks to Turkcell Technology's track record of success and efficient participation in previous projects, and its technology knowhow is invaluable for both our Company and the country. It is essential for Turkcell Technology to play a decision-making role together with Europe's leading companies in the R&D arena. Turkcell Technology considers ITEA 2 Board membership to be a significant role undertaken on behalf of Turkey itself. This membership provides us with a fresh channel for new experiences enabling us to expand our country's frontiers; while enabling us to carry out Turkey's strategic priorities at this focused platform. We will thoroughly support the promising projects of Turkish companies."

ITEA 2 supports pre-competition R&D projects in order for Europe to maintain its leadership in the area of software-intense service and systems. ITEA 2 is positioned under the umbrella of EUREKA, which is a platform where market-oriented and easily commercialized products and processes are supported in the European Union. ITEA 2 is a cooperation platform, on which leading technology companies from different sectors come together to transfer budgets and determine new strategies, aiming to create the most competitive technologies in Europe in response to Asia and North America. ITEA 2 offers fiscal support for a certain percentage of the budget of projects approved by the board of directors. The intellectual property of studies realized within the scope of the project goes to the shareholders. Meanwhile, established technology infrastructures are given to participating companies. Turkcell Technology already has eight ITEA 2 labeled projects and executes the EU and Turkey consortium leadership of certain projects.

About Turkcell Technology:

Turkcell Technology is among Turkey's leading R&D and innovation companies. It was set up to develop competitive information and communication technology (ICT) services and products. The seeds of the company were sown with the establishment of Europe's second-largest GSM operator, Turkcell. In 2007, the decision was taken to build a technology park company to provide an optimum R&D and innovation environment for Turkcell technical staff specialized in ICT. In the same year, Turkcell Technology Research & Development was founded in the TUBITAK-MAM Technology Free Zone (TEKSEB).

Turkcell Technology has been developing services and products in the fields of network services and providers, SIM cards and terminal solutions, mobile Internet, mobile marketing, multimedia applications, business intelligence solutions and business support systems.

Turkcell Technology successfully conducts its technology export activities to the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. It aims to become a world brand in its field.

About Turkcell

Turkcell is the leading communications and technology company in Turkey with 33.1 million subscribers and a market share of approximately 54% as of March 31, 2011 (Source: Our estimations, operators' and Authority's announcements). Turkcell is a leading regional player, with market leadership in five of the nine countries in which it operates with its approximately 60.4 million subscribers as of March 31, 2011. Turkcell reported a TRY2.1 billion (US$1.3 billion) net revenue with total assets of TRY15.2 billion (US$9.8 billion) as of March 31, 2011. Turkcell covers approximately 83% of the Turkish population through its 3G and 99.07% through its 2G technology supported network. It has become one of the first among the global operators to have implemented HSDPA+ and achieved a 42.2 Mbps speed using the HSPA multi carrier solution. Turkcell has been listed on the NYSE and the ISE since July 2000, and is the only NYSE-listed company in Turkey. 51.00% of Turkcell's share capital is held by Turkcell Holding, 0.05% by Cukurova Holding, 13.07% by Sonera Holding and 1.19% by others, while the remaining 34.69% is free float.

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