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ECA dismisses 'super league' rumours

ECA very happy with existing competitions

    Amsterdam (ots) - The ECA Executive Board, assembled in Amsterdam for its regular meeting, wants to dismiss the content of articles published today in some of the major sports newspapers in Europe. These articles mention plans for a future "Super League".

    "We have never had any intention of implementing such a competition. We have never discussed it and it has never been on our agenda."

    "The only meeting last week to which ECA representatives took part was the UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council, together with FIFA, FIFPro and EPFL."

    "The ECA is very happy with the existing European competitions and regrets these unfounded rumours which can only damage the harmony in the European football family. "

    ECA Board

    Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman     Joan Laporta, first Vice-Chairman     Umberto Gandini, second Vice-Chairman     Maarten Fontein     Peter Kenyon     Ernesto Paolillo     Fernando Gomés     Rick Parry     Itamar Chizik     Damir Vrbanovic     Jean-Michel Aulas     Nils Skutle     Michel Verschuren

    About ECA

    The European Club Association is the sole, independent body directly representing football clubs at European level, and takes its place at the high table of European football along with UEFA, and official bodies representing players and the leagues. The formation of ECA marks an end to disharmony in the European football family, and clears the way for the collaboration of all parties in building the future of the game in Europe. Through ECA, and for the first time in some years, clubs now have a powerful voice in decision-making that shapes the future of professional football in Europe. ECA replaces the G-14 group and the European Club Forum both dissolved early in 2008 and is fully recognized by UEFA and FIFA. ECA is committed to play a major and constructive role in helping shape the future of football, for the benefit of all concerned with the game.


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